Work work work work… April 2016


April 2016

April has possibly felt like the longest month in the history of time and space. In March big changes at work were underway, and in April those changes were finalized. Flash back a few years when Laine applied as an administrative assistant, and Grace hired her. Over two years have since passed and we’ve worked directly together in administration. Now Laine will be taking a new job in the marketing department, and the change is bitter sweet, but mostly really exciting! The change was made more thrilling by the fact that Laine was offered the job before the current employee was fired, meaning we sat on this information for weeks while the previous employee wandered unknowingly around the office, and we both limited out interactions with her in the fear that we would somehow let something slip.


With my lovely Laine changing departments it meant the hiring frenzy was well underway. This task was far more emotionally exhausting then it has been in the past, and I was truly disheartened by nearly every resume received. When I was hiring Laine I received well over a thousand applicants. I read every resume, and though there were some bad ones there were also plenty of good ones. I interviewed Laine because she had traveled abroad and her name stuck out. When you have that many applicants you can be picky. This time around was different. These people gave me nothing to work with. One of them simply read : “2 years experience”. THAT WAS IT. There was no name. Nothing! More common though was people who used a template, left the word template all over it, wrote that their goal was something completely unrelated, and then saved it as an editable word document. I badly wanted to edit their resumes and include “I am a dingus” and then return them explaining why you should send a PDF and also that “education : bakery” isn’t a real thing. I truly don’t know how I haven’t gotten every job I’ve ever applied for given this level of troll.


Interviews led to further desperation as I learned that candidates wanted to “be able to talk to their boss about their parent’s divorce”, and expected their supervisor “not to delegate”. Needless to say, it was a huge sigh of relief when the troll levels subsided and two solid candidates were found and accepted positions.

All of this mayhem has led us to both work an unsavory amount of overtime, and May will be bringing much of the same two newbies are trained.

A bright side to all of the long days was finally booking my flights and accommodations for my trip in July. The flight booking was not smooth, but it is done!

I’ll be posting more about my itinerary and the booking process soon!



April was honestly NEVER ENDING. I went to Illinois twice for work, and finally got to see Chicago, well, the inside of cabs, hotels, and restaurants in Chicago. Traveling for work is likely going to be a regular thing for me, especially in the spring and fall. I’m trying to decide how to incorporate these work trips into our blog, given that they likely won’t be to Europe and will mostly be reviews of hotels and restaurants. I also have a trip to NYC coming up in June, which is more like going home than taking a trip. Now that the transition at work is ALMOST complete, I intend to figure it out quickly and get back close to our old posting schedule.

French has started back up! After this session (which ends in late June) I will officially have attained a level of fluency equal to when I moved back from France. Getting back to the best I’ve ever been feels like a real accomplishment. Now I just need to find the time to work on it now that work is so much busier.


I was making headway in getting through my mountains of books, but the new job has changed all of that. I did, however, finish the Raven King, which was such a fitting ending to the series, and am halfway through the biography of Alexander Hamilton that inspired the musical. I recommend either without reservation, but you should probably read the rest of the series before picking up the Raven King.


  • America hit the polls hard this month. Voting in Maryland led us all into deep dungeons of depression. We’ve experienced several stages of grief : denial, bargaining, anger.


  • As the first birthday of princess Charlotte approaches, new, adorable photos were released. The Queen also has her 90th birthday celebrations this year, so keep watch on the royal blogs if you’re in to that kind of thing. (I may have spent a few hours this week mourning Prince William’s hair).




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