When you Should Absolutely Not Watch Taken

You should not watch Taken while your daughter is living in France.

You should not watch Taken the night before your daughter is heading to Paris alone for her flight home.

You should not watch Taken when the last phone call you got from her said “my plane and train have been canceled, my phone is about to die, and the university internet just died. I’ll find a way to get a hold of you once I’ve worked everything out, if I can.”

You should especially not watch taken if that phone call occurred six hours ago, and you still haven’t heard from her.

Speaking of time, you should not watch Taken after midnight.

If you ignore this advice, you’ll end up like my mother. Disquieted and demanding that my father call the airline, explaining the situation, and asking the poor airline attendant if she can just confirm that I was on a plane so my mother could be sure I was alive. (I was).

While all of this was going on, I was using my newfound mastery of French to change my train, my shuttle, and my flight. I was told I didn’t have a seat, that a blizzard was coming, and if I could just give up my spot they’d put me up in a four star hotel for a few days. I politely refused (It was almost Christmas,I had no clean clothes, and doubt I could have enjoyed Paris buried alone under inches of snow), was given a seat, and promptly boarded the plane and passed out after 36 consecutive sleepless hours, oblivious to my poor mother’s state.

You should watch Taken at any other time. It’s a pretty good movie.

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