What does a Time Warp feel like? – September 2015

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This month has been a total blur. Grace is currently in Ocean City, MD co-running a pottery booth at a craft show, and Laine’s been running ragged between birthdays, weddings, and starting French classes. We’re pretty sure it isn’t even the end of September at all, because it makes more sense that we’ve fallen into a time warp.

In October, Grace is heading off to South America for the first time, and Laine has more wedding fun and a trip to Morgantown, WV for the WVU homecoming game/ med school tail gate.


Honestly, this month felt so short. I can no longer claim to be in my early 20’s, a fact that seems even more real as my best friends keep getting married and having babies. I swear I’m not a grown up. Reflecting on some of my travel disasters and failed plans has weirdly made me even more excited to get out there and start travelling again. Thinking back to my first international trip ever made me realize how much I’ve grown as a person and a traveler since leaving the US for the first time.

A large part of my stress this month came from starting French classes. I’ve learned a lot in a short amount of time and know I made the right decision for myself, but going right from work to class and not getting home until 11pm has been draining. This week was even worse, as the Pope’s visit to DC made getting in and out of the city even more difficult than usual. On Tuesday, hoping to avoid road closures, I decided to take the metro to class for the first time.

Never. Again.

Of course the Pope’s arrival coincided with a baseball game and an Ed Sheeran concert. For 45 minutes, I was trapped in a metal box listen to three of the most annoying humans I have ever encountered prattle on about their purity rings, how “straight chillin” they would be as Pope, their future career as “DJ Seaweed”, and the location of their father’s blockage removal. Somehow, this was even worse than my return trip which consisted of a packed car and an elderly woman who was obviously on drugs removing her top to massage her skin while informing everyone of the location’s of empty seats. The traffic I sat in on Thursday was sooo pleasant by comparison.


I write to you this evening from the wind-swept shores of Ocean City. By that I mean there is a gale force wind blowing and I’m huddled under several sweaters and a rain coat. I’m wistfully wondering where summer went and also feel this month has been a strange time thief.

With Laine’s French classes underway and our friend Lance enrolled in Spanish courses in Mexico I’m feeling a panicked urgency on my language skills. My community college only offers beginner classes, and the online “class” doesn’t actually specify what they teach, so I’m reluctant to spend hundreds of dollars for what could essentially be a shit YouTube video. The panic continues.


Face productsCelebrating Laine’s birthday was another reminder of how quickly everything is flying by and increases my urgency to make changes. I’ve questioned the injustice that I’m not Harper Beckham, along with many other things that more than time withhold from me. This also led to a sad afternoon in Target where I purchased multiple products promising to prolong my “youth”, which is still what feel I have.

We’ve both had a lot of friends complete major life events recently, namely marriage and children. Meanwhile my biggest accomplishment this month was discovering that I have indeed recovered from my aversion to Jameson which I had developed in Ireland. Fear kept me from the stuff for the past 2 months and I’m excited to be back on form for our impending journey.

This month I started a series recapping my road trip through Europe. I’ve been wondering what past me was thinking most of the time and remembered some priceless misadventures. I’ll be continuing these over the next few Mondays!



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