Live Music & Late Night Tours in Nashville


Nashville may be the most underrated place I’ve been to.


My friend Kate traveled a lot for work and built up enough travel rewards to book 3 of us flights and a hotel for a girls’ weekend trip to Nashville. We are so lucky she was kind enough to gift her travel rewards to us!






Liking country music isn’t a prerequisite for a good time in Nashville, but liking music is. Every bar and restaurant is bursting with live music at nearly every hour of the day.  There’s a distinct energy from the musicians here – they’re well aware that this is where music legends have been discovered. This makes for all around amazing live music every night.



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The strip is a hot spot for Bachelor & Bachelorette parties, which makes sense since the general vibe is that everyone is there to have a good time. This may be one of the friendliest towns I’ve visited and it’s a great place to meet people from all over the country.


If you don’t like the band, walk next door, there’s another one playing. It’s easy to navigate going out with all of the action in one location. It also makes it a cheap place to go out because you don’t need to pay for taxis and cover charges.We loved being able to walk from place to place!

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If you don’t know where to start – go to Tootsies. There is always something going on here, and they have a band in the front and in the back. If the line is too long go to the back alley, most tourists don’t know you can also get in that way! If Tootsies is too crowded, head over to Robert’s Western World, or my favorite – The Stage.












Blue Bird Café is another great place to hear live music. This is where songwriters come, and a few big names have been discovered here, like Garth Brooks.


If you meet a local you’re in luck. Most of the people I met were tourists, but the few locals I met were eager to show off the side entrances and hidden doors that helped us avoid lines.This is how my friends and I were able to get a 3:00 am private tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame!

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During the day my favorite pick is a visit to the Ryman – the original Grand Ole Opry. I didn’t really know a lot about it before visiting, but exploring back-stage and dressing rooms where countless celebrities got ready for shows was pretty cool.

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If you love live music, and want to go somewhere fun and welcoming, Nashville is for you!


2010 was a great year! Have you been to Nashville? What are your favorite live music venues?

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