Travel by Land

Car Rental 

You can rent a car using most travel booking sites. Tips:

  • Know the tolls for the roads before you go as some can be quite high
  • Know the price of fuel and calculate costs for your itinerary
  • Many companies charge high fees if you want to return the car to a different location
  • Your credit card might cover your car insurance while you’re there – find out if it does so you don’t pay extra
  • Rent a GPS. If you already have a GPS you can get a SD chip for new countries or regions on Amazon
  • Some countries require a driving pass on your windshield. I found out the hard way that they will catch and fine you.



Rail Europe – If traveling across Europe you can save a lot by using a euro rail pass. You can purchase one in advance and have it delivered to you. The system is extensive, covering most of Europe.

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