Travel Checklist – What to do 10 days before you go!

Madrid's metro map

I’m just over a week out from my July trip to Europe. At this point we’ve already planned all of the essentials, so now’sGrace's passport the time to get your pre-trip checklist taken care of.

Below are some of my recommendations for what to get done a little over a week before you travel!


  • Make Digital Copies of Documents – Upload copies of your passport, ID, travel documents, etc. to Google Docs or any other web based program that you can access anywhere you have internet.


  • Download Local Madrid's Metro MapApps –  I’m fairly familiar with the Madrid metro, but I decided to still download the app MadridMetro. I’ll also look for a dining app for the major cities I’m visiting.


  • Take Pictures / Screenshots of Maps – I usually do this with maps of public transportation so I can access them without WiFi.


Language Brush up – My Spanish learning is still in the works so brushing up on phrases is helpful. I have a lonely planet phrasebook which has a lot of good tips and quite a few phrases I truly hope to never need.lonely planet spanish phrase book



  • Lookup Restaurants – Most of the time I don’t like to book restaurants in advance, preferring to wander into places and just see what looks good. However, you should have at least a handful of restaurants picked out so you don’t end up wasting time trying to figure out where to go. Drop pins on your phone’s map so you can easily find points of interest later.


  • Joint Travel Money – If you’re travelling with a friend, you’ll probably have a lot of expenses you want to share. You don’t want to have to sort out who paid for which cab ride, and who bought dinner on the night you went somewhere expensive. If you each contribute some cash to a joint fund, you can avoid these problems.


  • Schedule Bill Payments – Sure, you can probably take care of this fairly easily if you have wifi where you’re traveling, but I like to have this done so I can relax while away.

credit cards

  • Travel Notifications – Most banks and credit cards have an online travel notification form. Fill it out now! One of my banks actually doesn’t have this feature and I have to send them a secure email with my travel details. Filling out these forms at least 10 days out gives your financial establishments plenty of time to fully process your request or follow up with you if needed.


  • Packing Rough Draft – I usually make a pile of the clothes I think I’m going to take. I don’t want to be doing laundry at the last minute and hoping things dry in time. This also gives me time to get anything I realize I don’t have.clothes organized to be packed


  • Toiletries – Last weekend I bought the travel shampoos, toothbrush, etc. that I plan on taking. There’s no need to wait for these items, and if you use anything in the next week you haven’t packed, you                                                          can assess whether or not you want to                                                              take it.




That’s the recap on what I get taken care of around 8-10 days before I travel…What does your travel checklist look like?

Grace in Spain

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  2. Eden

    My travel checklist looks pretty similar to yours. In addition to language, I always like to read other blogs or information about the country / city I’ll be visiting to get a feel for the culture and etiquette. This always makes for a more smoother experience I find 🙂

    1. Grace (Post author)

      That’s definitely a good idea! Even little things like knowing if you should leave a tip at a restaurant is helpful 🙂


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