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Packing Cubes Review

Usually when I pack I use my trusty plastic zip lock bags to keep my clothes organized. This year, I thought I’d class things up a bit and try out packing cubes. After a bit of time on google, and checking out the ones Alex in Wanderland uses, I decided to order 3 different sets from Amazon with the aim being to return the ones that didn’t suit me as well. I’ve tried out a few different cubes so you don’t have to!   WHAT I ORDERED: Item 1 : The Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Set I ordered this…
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Gradually, then Suddenly. May 2016.

As long as April felt, May turned the tables a fluttered by… at least that’s what I’m assuming as I have very little memory of this time. While writing down the month that passed I had to check the calendar again to be sure that really was May that was already out the door. Not 100% sure I wasn’t drugged and missed part of that?! Also summer arrived. GRACE   With two new employees starting this month I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotion. Both of them are great, but it’s fairly overwhelming to try to teach a million…
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Why you should visit Ollantaytambo, Peru!


Why you should visit Ollantaytambo My trip to Peru last week marked my first time in South America. In my mind, I imagined it as Costa Rica, as that’s the farthest south I’d been so it was the closest thing I could think of, and I must say this comparison wasn’t too crazy off. The flight to Peru also marked the first time I’ve had a journey with two layovers (El Salvador & Lima) which confirmed my theory that it would make the travel time seem one billion times longer. I’ve been lucky that my last few international trips were direct…
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Travel Pet Peeves

Travel Pet Peeves… During my last trip there were several moments where fellow travelers did things that ranged from ok probably not the best to are they actually serious?  I’m not going to get into every single annoying travel experiences or stereotypes of people from different countries, but rather what I encountered during the last few weeks which I found cringe worthy.   1. Punctuality. I find that on day trips there are usually 1 or 2 people who don’t understand the concept of being at the bus at a certain time. Well, funny thing about time is that if you make everyone…
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Expectations vs Reality: Study Abroad in France

I don’t remember deciding to study abroad. It was always something I assumed was a life changing part of a college education, and I was merely biding my time until a semester or two abroad fit with my course requirements. Of course, making plans to study abroad was not nearly as simple as I had believed. There were personal obstacles because I transferred colleges and had limited time to study abroad, but the biggest challenge in planning came from my own lack of knowledge regarding the sheer volume of programs and trying to navigate the differences between them. The wealth…
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When you Should Absolutely Not Watch Taken

You should not watch Taken while your daughter is living in France. You should not watch Taken the night before your daughter is heading to Paris alone for her flight home. You should not watch Taken when the last phone call you got from her said “my plane and train have been canceled, my phone is about to die, and the university internet just died. I’ll find a way to get a hold of you once I’ve worked everything out, if I can.” You should especially not watch taken if that phone call occurred six hours ago, and you still…
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Packing List: 3 Weeks in Europe

clothes to be packed

Here is my packing list for Europe! The time leading up to a trip is usually filled with excitement and wistful anticipation, but nothing brings you crashing back down to reality faster than the panic that comes with figuring out what to pack. It seems a universal hatred, so I’ll be sharing how and what I pack and then passing along what I ended up using, and what I didn’t.   I think it’s safe to say that I’ve over-packed on every trip I’ve been on, while simultaneously feeling like I had nothing to wear. I think most people feel…
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