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Choosing a Tour Company: Intrepid Travel Review

This summer I did something I haven’t done in quite a few years. Instead of being the usual googling and research guru I pride myself in being, I decided to be lazy for my trip to the Balkans, and join up with a group tour where all of the logistics and details were taken care of.Though the lazy side of me was excited, the side of me that is accustomed to researching every detail and creating an itinerary that suits my whims was nervous. This was my first trip with Intrepid Travel, a tour company I first heard of through Nomadic Matt, and I…
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Volunteer Abroad : Sea Turtle Rescue – Costa Rica

Turtle Camp

It’s safe to say volunteering abroad was not at all what I was expecting. THE PLAN After returning home from teaching English in Spain, I fell back into the same ruts pretty quickly. Bartending, bored, searching for a real job, but unexcited by everything I found. I’d gotten pretty jazzed when I found a place you could volunteer with elephants in Sri Lanka, but the excitement was zapped when the price to live in a hut and shovel massive elephant poo was the cost of a used car. I’d been naïve in thinking volunteering would be free or next to it….
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