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Solo Travel for Women – Is it Overrated?

As I reach the upper tier of my twenties I’ve been ill-advisedly clicking on more and more articles about things you have to do while you’re still “young”.  Many lists are entitled things to do before you turn 30 or things everyone should do in their twenties, and other headlines which make me worry I’ve missed out on something extremely time sensitive things and after 30 I’ll be too old and decrepit to do whatever it was. Though many of the items are fairly eye-roll worthy (try a new sport – really?), one thing I did take away was solo travel. I…
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What’s Coming: Eastern Europe & Ireland


What’s Coming: Ireland & Eastern Europe This weekend I’m spending a fair bit of time preparing for my next trip. On Wednesday I head off to visit one familiar place and a bunch of new places. It was only when I started getting things together that it really hit me how little I know about some of these new places, and I’m feeling a bit guilty that I didn’t put more effort into finding out about local customs and conversational phrases. Starting it off: The first stop is Ireland, and though I’ll be landing in Dublin which is familiar, I’ll…
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Expectations vs Reality: Study Abroad in France

I don’t remember deciding to study abroad. It was always something I assumed was a life changing part of a college education, and I was merely biding my time until a semester or two abroad fit with my course requirements. Of course, making plans to study abroad was not nearly as simple as I had believed. There were personal obstacles because I transferred colleges and had limited time to study abroad, but the biggest challenge in planning came from my own lack of knowledge regarding the sheer volume of programs and trying to navigate the differences between them. The wealth…
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