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A Lesson in Age

As I somberly careen towards the upper end of the decade where my age begins with a 2, I’ve found that I’ve aged in a very real way with very little knowledge of it. I actually didn’t even know it had happened… until I spent an evening attempting to socialize with a group of 19-22 year olds. They were nice. I didn’t dislike them. I did want to rip my own arm off just for a bit of interest.   My evening of awakening began in Galway, where I went solo to a pub crawl. Usually I find with a…
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Rural Pub Tour – Dubin

Pub tours aren’t something I usually sign up for. On the previous pub tours I’ve done, the pubs ending up being clubs or moderately crummy dive bars without any character. These places are usually playing the lyrically moving song “shots” and filled with (*trying to think of the nicer way to say douchebags*) people I have no interest in being around. While these pubs have their place in this world, it’s not exactly what I want to do when visiting a new country. When looking up things to do in Ireland, I wasn’t searching for a pub tour, but when I came…
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