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Packing Cubes Review

Usually when I pack I use my trusty plastic zip lock bags to keep my clothes organized. This year, I thought I’d class things up a bit and try out packing cubes. After a bit of time on google, and checking out the ones Alex in Wanderland uses, I decided to order 3 different sets from Amazon with the aim being to return the ones that didn’t suit me as well. I’ve tried out a few different cubes so you don’t have to!   WHAT I ORDERED: Item 1 : The Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Set I ordered this…
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Packing List: 1 Week in Peru


Each time I envision packing for a trip it sounds super easy in my head, but every time I actually start getting things together I start having a near breakdown over my confusion. Over the summer I put together  a packing list for my trip to Europe, and I was pretty successful overall. I did end up buying an extra sweater and scarf while there, but nothing was a huge mistake. As this trip is only a week long and I’ll only be traveling to one country, I thought it would be a breeze. What has me hung up this…
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