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2016 Rewind

With 2016 being slated as the worst year in the history of time, this is a unique moment of time to reflect on. Of course there are plenty of other historically crap years arguably worse. But, between the conflict in Syria, the Refugee Crisis, ISIS, terror attacks, Brexit, Trump, the Zika virus, police shootings, and what seems like an endless stream of loss and sorrow, 2016 is at least on the shortlist of crap time. 2016 has certainly left me hoping that 2017 will be a year of a million changes, fresh starts, and happiness. Putting the gloom behind me,…
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Rural Pub Tour – Dubin

Pub tours aren’t something I usually sign up for. On the previous pub tours I’ve done, the pubs ending up being clubs or moderately crummy dive bars without any character. These places are usually playing the lyrically moving song “shots” and filled with (*trying to think of the nicer way to say douchebags*) people I have no interest in being around. While these pubs have their place in this world, it’s not exactly what I want to do when visiting a new country. When looking up things to do in Ireland, I wasn’t searching for a pub tour, but when I came…
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What’s Coming: Ireland, Spain, & Portugal

I’m writing to you tonight on the eve of my departure for my next trip: 3 weeks in Europe. Tomorrow afternoon I fly from Dulles, Virginia to Dublin, Ireland and I am too excited to handle it! Needless to say, my work day tomorrow will see me in a flutter of insanity trying to tie up loose ends and assuring Laine that I will keep her posted if I meet Prince Harry (if he were your boyfriend), any current member of One Direction (how’s normal 22 going Zayn?), or that person she likes in the illustrious picture of 16 abs. So…
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