Rugova Mountains & Bill Clinton in Kosovo

Bill Clinton Statue

The first full day in Kosovo was a hike in the Rugova Mountains. This was a proper hike, and several in our group became hangry monsters around the 4 hour mark. A big fan of the wild strawberries in the area, I’d been eating them all along the hike. In the beginning I was doing this for fun, but towards the end I think these small, sweet treats may have been what made it possible for me to complete the journey. The hike had some great views, but my favorite was walking through all of the wild flowers. I made our guide a flower bouquet which he felt obligated to hang onto for about 20 minutes – poor guy.

Rugova Mountains Rugova Mountains

In the morning we headed south to Prizren.  In Prizren something very magical happened. While in a shop we talked to the man and he… liked… Americans…. he liked America. Whaaaaat? If you’re from America and you’ve exited America, you will know how revolutionary this is. The whole country just liked Americans. My God it felt good. Is this what people from New Zealand feel all the time? I didn’t hate it. It was almost like the whole hate America thing wasn’t happening anymore (though I have hence since been on the internet and found hate America is back on).

At 20 cents each, the ice creams were practically being given away. This day I believe I had 3 different ice cream stops, but I can’t say I know for sure.  It definitely wasn’t less than 3.

The next day we walked to the Kalaja Fortress. Built in the 6th century, the structure itself didn’t offer a lot, but the views of the city were beautiful. In the evening we got dinner next to the river that runs through the city, before hopping on the tourist train that runs through the city. We enjoyed an ice cream during the 30 minute tour, before returning to the hotel.


The next morning we were off to the capital city, Pristina. On the way we stopped at the Bill Clinton statue (the only one in the world). Unfortunately, this day peaked pretty early, as the heat on this day was so scorching. We visited the field of blackbirds where the battle of Kosovo took place. The history was overwhelmed by the heat, and we spent the afternoon back at the hotel.

This was our final day in Kosovo, on to Macedonia.

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