Relaxing in Puerto Rico

I’ve just returned from Puerto Rico, where I spent five glorious days doing absolutely nothing. Once we arrived at the hotel, we only left the property three times – once to pick up rations and twice to eat at an Italian restaurant. We toyed with the idea of a day trip to snorkel or see Puerto Rico’s famed luminescent water, but both would have required long taxi rides and planning, towards which neither of us were particularly inclined.

In my defense, would you want to leave this place?Puerto Rico 139Our room had one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. It seemed like we were on a cruise ship, without any of the potential to be stranded at sea with sludge coming through the walls. You had to look almost straight down to see land.Puerto Rico 011Puerto Rico 012Our room, however, did have a flaw: the most absurdly designed bathroom I have ever seen. The bathroom was really a combined bathroom/closet/kitchen and was massive. The far left wall had the kitchen/closet/safe (and was where we stored our rations) and the right was the toilet/sink. In the center of the room was the shower. This shower had the regular bathroom tiles as its floor and was made entirely of glass. My mother and I spent the trip debating what the original layout of the room had been assuming that this result was their best option when renovating, but we never figured it out.

Puerto Rico 007 Puerto Rico 008Puerto Rico 010While we hadn’t planned on doing the spa thing while away, we would have been very disappointed if we had. The massage was advertised as “relaxing on the beach,” when in reality the pavilion was shoved in a nook between the beach and the pool. In that tent, you could hear and be seen by everyone on the property. I took this picture while laying in my chair in the middle of the beach.Puerto Rico 136

As a fun fact, we learned on our first night that we were staying in the hotel where Karl Wallenda of the Flying Wallendas fell tragically to his death. It was a sobering and cool fact to learn when trying to get to Denny’s. Puerto Rico 006All in all Puerto Rico was the absolutely perfect vacation spot for us right now. While Aruba is still my favorite island (so far), the plane ride was short, we were through the airport and into  taxi within fifteen minutes, and the ride to the airport took 20 minutes in traffic. From the east coast, if all you want is to do absolutely nothing for a few days, relaxing in Puerto Rico is a great option.Puerto Rico 137

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