Pura Vida, but just for a little while


In Costa Rica they have a saying for their laid back lifestyle: Pura Vida. Though it translates to “Pure Life”, this phrase can mean everything from ‘hello’ to ‘awesome’ and a million other things. I take it to encapsulate the personality, and slow moving culture.  My recent trip to Peru took me back to this slower pace, and reminded me of the vast differences in cultural expectations and interactions within the country. This constant state of mellow is what draws so many people to these regions, but it’s exactly what pushes me away.

To be honest I’m not that stressed in my everyday life. Sure, I have the same worries as most people, like making sure I pay my mortgage on time, and pondering how to catch the slimy piece of human garbage that graffitied my garage. I stress about the future and what I’m doing with my life (I’m pretty sure this is universal…right?) But, my actual day to day doesn’t offer me a specific stressor that I need to escape from. The stresses I hold on to are ones that slowing down would only exacerbate, which is what stresses me out about this laid-back lifestyle.

I don’t want to slow down. At least, not for long.  If I’ve decided I want to go somewhere, I want to get there. I want to walk fast, and talk quickly. I associate slowness and meandering with aimlessness and apathy. I’m rarely apathetic on anything.   I like to visit places that offer this change of pace, but the novelty is short lived, and I’m ready to leave when the time comes.

I think I might be the only person who doesn’t get it as nearly every blog I’ve read sings the praises of the slow life. Every person who I hear reminisce about their travels bring it up as a point of enjoyment. I might be the only one who doesn’t wholeheartedly accept it.

With Laine currently in Puerto Rico, I’m interested to see if she’s experienced this same slow vibe, and how she felt about it, as a person that operates at 100% at all times.

How do you feel about Pura Vida?




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