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Budgeting for Travel

Vacationing around the world, especially to expensive countries in Western Europe, can often seem inaccessible for people just starting out in their careers. Conversely, when we’re just starting out also the time when we have the fewest responsibilities and obligations preventing us from indulging our whims. Many people with my salary and debt are living paycheck to paycheck and have very limited discretionary income. I have significant student loan debt and a car payment. With an annual gross income that is less than half of my total debt, my ability to travel is largely based on two factors: my willingness to diligently…
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Trip Planning – The Essentials – Upcoming trip – July 2015

I’ve known my friend Danielle for 14 years, and we’ve been taking vacations together for the past few of them. Our first international trip was a tour of Italy with a tour group. We loved the country, but we knew we wanted to ditch the group. In 2014 we took a trip to Ireland, England, & The Netherlands. This year we knew we wanted to do the same style of trip, planned entirely by us.   This post will outline the things for my upcoming trip that I must have booked before leaving the country. This is specific to this…
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We’ve started this blog to document our travels & our efforts to make them a reality

Yes, we love to travel. When we first started reading travel blogs about the 25-year-old nomads and the 45-year-old lone travelers, the initial excitement of a lifestyle void of a 9-5 sounded wonderful. But that’s not us. We work administrative jobs in an office, but love traveling to other continents. Our wanderlust and preference for stability may not seem like they go together, especially in a country where international travel is expensive and considered a luxury. If, like us, you’ve outgrown 16 bed hostels, but aren’t looking to spend your time abroad languishing in extravagant accommodations, we hope to provide…
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