Packing List – Ireland in December


Today we head off to Ireland! It’s Grace’s 5th trip to Ireland, and Laine’s first, so we’ve been swapping a lot of ideas of what to bring.


Grace:Clothes to Pack

Our time in Ireland will be far too short – but it’s still tricky to find the right balance of things to bring. Below is my packing list –
including clothes I’ll be wearing on the plane.

  • Sweaters – 3
  • Shirts (3/4 sleeve) – 2
  • Shirt (long sleeve for sleeping) – 1
  • Socks / Underwear
  • Leggings – 1
  • Jeans – 1
  • Tank Tops – 2
  • Rain Jacket – 1

I’ll be wearing Jeans  –  Shirt – Scarf – Boots – and Coat – so I won’t need to fit these bulky things in my backpack. Wearing the biggest things saves a ton of space, even if I risk heat stroke on the plane.

I also have an assortment of toiletries I’ll be bringing. Toiletries

My backpack currently has a fair amount of  room left – so there’s some wiggle room if I want to buy things while we’re away.


I am not good at packing light. I haven’t owned a backpack since high school and have never flow internationally without checking. Step one for this trip was getting something to put my things in that would fit Wow Air’s strict carry on requirements.

I decided on the Osprey Fairpoint 40L in the S/M size. I’ll be sure to write a full review later, but the short version i that I’m in love with this bag and can’t believe I’ve never seen the use in something like this before. It has so many pockets and is surprisingly roomy!IMG_1776

My packing list is similar to Grace’s; everything fit and I’m hoping to squeeze some souvenirs in as well! This includes my plane clothes.

Sweaters – 3

T-Shirts – 3

Jeans – 2

Leggings (my first pair!) – 1

Dress – 1

Boots – 1

Platform Heels – 1

Bathing Suit – 1






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