Packing List: 5 days in Puerto Rico

I should preface this by saying that this list is going to be very, very different from the ones Grace has done so far for two main reasons. One, I’m traveling with my mom, who firmly believes that carrying on is pointless and everything should be checked. Given that I’m bringing my snorkel gear, I’m inclined to agree with her. Two, this trip I have absolutely nothing planned. No excursions into the city. No encounters with nature. I intend to spend all five days at beach or pool with no company save for my mother, books, and the bar tender.

Given that I’m headed off to 80 degree weather with no plans to dress up, I don’t need heavy clothing. Essentially, I have limited stuff to bring and abundant space. Packing for this trip really was as easy as Grace always hopes it will be. The only complicating factor was finding the time to do it! My final French class was rescheduled for Thursday, and I had to finish baby blanket 1 of 2 so I could bring the second with me on the trip. I’m getting most of my packing done tonight, but certain toiletries and my purse will have to wait for Friday morning.


  • Jeans (1 pair)
  • Cardigan (1)
  • Tank tops (3)
  • T-shirts (1)
  • Sun dresses (5)
  • Bathing suits (4)
  • Sarongs/Coverups (3)
  • PJs (1)
  • Workout Clothes (2 sets) Wishful thinking
  • Socks (5 pairs)
  • Underwear/bras (enough)
  • Flip Flops
  • Wedges (2)
  • Sneakers (1) Wishful Thinking


  • All the Sunblock (4 types)
  • Moisturizer (2)
  • Makeup (though I probably won’t wear much)
  • Shaving Cream
  • Razor
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Body Wash
  • Face Wash
  • Allergy Meds/Inhalers
  • Baby Oil
  • Hairbrush
  • Toothpaste/Toothbrush
  • There would be more, but I’m counting on being able to bum my mother’s hair productsPacking for Puerto Rico 051


  • Beach bag (this will probably end up my carry on item)
  • Books (2)
  • Kindle (1)
  • Knitting Project!
  • snorkel Gear

Inside my purse:

  • Whatever normally lives in that bottomless pit.
  • Probably some extra chapstick
  • Jewelry

I can’t belive the trip that was booked such a short time ago is already here! I feel totally unprepared, but at least I know that as long as I have my bathing suit I’ll be fine. Better throw one of those in my purse.

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