Natural Motion Sickness Remedies

Natural Motion Sickness Remedies for Travelers

Motion sickness sucks, especially if you like to travel, and I think my motion sickness has grown stronger over time.

Recent event #1 to support this: Having to leave and sit down while Laine and I were cleaning out the fish tank at work due to the excessive sloshing sounds. I felt moderately sea sick from the tiny sea represented in the fish tank. Ugh.

Recent event #2: Someone at work was rocking in their chair and I had to ask them to stop due to feeling like death. This also reminded me of the sea. Ugh.


You may be wondering if I chose to live in a sedentary bubble.Though that life has some appeal, I decided instead to look into some natural motion sickness remedies.


A few hours on the interwebs and I was finding that ginger seems to be the source of all the magical power of motion sickness cures. While the suggestion to boil a ginger root is great, I don’t usually have enough room in my backpack for an electric range and tin pot. Blast.


Luckily, there are some folks out there with a similar affliction, and through hours of searching I found several cures which were all natural. I decided to purchase a wide selection of these products in various forms, try them on my trip to Ireland, Spain, & Portugal, and then report back with my findings.

My motion sickness remedies


Up first:  

Ginger Trips, chewable root extract wafers

Ginger Trips Chewable Wafers

Ginger Tips Chewable WafersI picked this because it seemed to be the closest thing to the boiling pot of ginger root. These are advertised as chewable wafers, which I imagined
dissolving peacefully on my tongue and delivering a reprieve from the death monster inside of me.

Assessment: I opened the container and the smell was a major turn-off. Strike two was that these are not what I classify as a wafer, and instead are a crumbly chalky consistency. I knew that if I consumed these little devils they would soon revisit me, and this time be joined by everything else I’d eaten within the last few hours. Sorry. These are a no-go. If you have a stronger stomach you might enjoy them, or perhaps you won’t find the smell repulsive to the depths of your core, but then again if you have a stronger stomach you don’t need these anyway. These did not join me on my trip due to being repulsive.

Rating: F

Positives: I was able to open the container

Negatives: Everything else. What sick bastard made these?


Up next:

A chewable lozenge of certified organic dried ginger.

Ginger chewable gummiesI selected the chews as I pictured these being a similar consistency to a gummy bear, and hopefully a tasty treat.

Assessment: Well, something I really should have thought about was the word dried. These little things are made from dried root. If I had thought it through I might have pictured a dried root being tough, and bitter. I didn’t take notice, and I brought a packet of the gummies with me. I tried a “gummy” (that’s really a stretch given the true consistency – no gummy bear has been like this) while driving the coast of the Wild Atlantic Way. Did they work? Sadly I spit it out before swallowing due to it being disgusting. The first 1-4 chomps I was optimistic but then things took a turn as the texture is tough and the extracted juice bitter. I started to be concerned as to my ability to successfully swallow the tough chunks and opted to spit it out.

Rating: D

Positives: They look good.

Negatives: They taste bad. Just a reminder to the folks out there making these things:  We’ve got delicate stomachs. That’s why we need this stuff. I feel you could have done better. I’ve given these a D as at least they didn’t repel me before consumption like the wafers. I do think there could be a better option out there. I liked the idea of the chew but these were just not the right consistency.



Up next: 

Tummy Drops.

tummy dropsMade for children? Probably. They don’t appear to be marketing to children specifically, but I don’t remember the last time I used the word tummy since I reluctantly became an adult.

Assessment: Sweet miraculous angels. YES! Finally! These drops are perfect. I put these drops to the test during a night pub tour on a bus traveling through the Wicklow Mountains, and felt great the entire time! If you get motion sickness, these are your new friend. Even if you feel like you might get motion sickness you can pop a tasty drop. You also don’t need to have water to take them like you do some of the pill options. You can tuck a drop or two in your pocket and have them ready on the fly. Did I mention they work? That’s ultimately the most important thing and I did feel instant relief when I took my first drop. Could it be a placebo effect? I don’t know and don’t care. If it works, it’s perfect.

Rating: A+

Positives: They work. Taste Good. Easy to pack, or keep in a handy location. You can also share them with the people who thought they were too cool to bring children’s candies until the bus starts down a windy coastal mountain and all of a sudden you’re the bell of the ball and being thanked for thinking of bringing the tiny tasty saviors.

You’re welcome by the way.

Negatives: I only ordered 1 bag (30 drops).


Next up:

Essential Oil: Peppermint.

Peppermint OilI couldn’t really test this one before bringing it on my trip. I smelled it and it had a pleasant enough peppermint smell. I wrapped it carefully in a plastic bag and tucked the bottle into the center of my backpack to avoid smashing in transit.

Assessment: I never used it. Ok, I know that’s not an assessment, but the reality is it just wasn’t convenient to tote a glass bottle of oil around with me during the day and apply the drops behind my ear as needed. When I’m out on a day tour I just take a small bag with a few essentials for the day, I didn’t have room for the bottle. I’m going to attempt to try the oil soon, but I’ll have to plan out the usage. I feel the reality of the inconvenience is a rating in its own way. With the drops I can leave some in my pocket, or in my car, or any number of places. The bottle has to be kept somewhere non-breakable which for me is a quite limited criterion. Sorry all of you essential oil people out there. I’m sure it’s great. But this just isn’t made for a traveler to take on the go. I didn’t like the risk of getting oil all over my clothes, or even accidentally covering my hands in the stuff.

Rating: N/A (default to a C)

Positives: The peppermint smells like peppermint…

Negatives: Too inconvenient for a traveler.


Final Assessment: 

Dramamine Natural with Ginger

dramamine non-drowsy with GingerI’ve never really taken pills for motion sickness, but thought they were an important item to try to get the full range of antidotes. I opted for the pills with ginger to keep with my trend.

Assessment: I tried the pills when taking a bus up a windy mountain. The instructions call for you to take the pill 4 hours prior to anticipated usage, so I took one with breakfast in the morning before heading out. I felt great on the bus, but did use a drop during a particularly hairy portion of road as an extra precaution. I think the pill might have done the job on its own, but the road was a bit treacherous and my mouth was dry, so the added drop felt like the right choice. Overall, I think the pills did make my stomach more placid. They’re easy to travel with. I took them out of the container and placed several into a mini-baggie, thus effectively looking sketchy while saving room in my backpack. However, you do need to have a beverage to take them with so that could be a problem if you don’t have one handy.

Rating: A-

Positives: You can be prepared and take these in advance and thus hopefully avoid any discomfort.

Negatives: You don’t always know when you’ll need them, so the 4 hour wait for them to kick in isn’t necessarily ideal. I would have rated these higher if the time was shorter, and also felt needing to take these with a liquid is not always possible when on the go.


My recommendation:

If you suffer from motion sickness, sea sickness, or are a delicate flower in transit, I strongly recommend the tummy drops. For extra precaution you can also get the ginger Dramamine if you’re planning activities which you know will warrant the use. You can take these simultaneously.

I’m not a doctor and have no idea how any of these things work outside of my own experiences. Ultimately whether these ginger themed remedies truly have powers or if they work on our subconscious, I still found great results. If I’m feeling miserable I’m open to witches spells, chanting, and any level of hokum if it provides relief.

All of these remedies were fairly inexpensive, and I was able to purchase them through amazon.

Tummy Drops: $10.99  (30 drops)

Dramamine Non-Drowsy with Ginger : $10.85 (18 capsules)


If you know any awesome motion sickness related remedies let us know!





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