Last Minute Trip to Puerto Rico

Earlier this summer, my mom threw me a curveball, “would you want to go to the Caribbean with me.”

Answer: Yes, Yes I would.

Like with most things, getting this trip off the ground was nowhere near as easy as that. The last few years have been rough for my mom, medically speaking, and even in the final stretch of her recovery there are good days and not-so-good days. Sometimes she’d be super enthusiastic about the thought of warm water, and other days sitting would be too painful to even contemplate a flight.

With the holidays coming and busy schedules eating up weekends, I’d just about given up hope of ever making this trip a reality.

Until last Wednesday.

Mom called with a renewed enthusiasm for the trip, and asked if I’d be available for a trip the first weekend of November. Because I’m an unstoppable monster when I want something, I stayed up way too late googling locations, price checking flights, and creating itineraries in my head. I decided that Puerto Rico seemed like the perfect place for us to go. We wouldn’t be required to go through customs because Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and we could fly direct, both of which make traveling much easier for my mom. Direct flights were also inexpensive, and the hotels didn’t seem too bad either.

I sent my mom an email at 2am outlining my plan, and waited to hear back. AKA I went to bed. She got back to say she thought it was a great idea, as she hadn’t been since her honeymoon. 

Mom was busy all day and unable to search for trip stuff like she wanted to. When I got home, I started googling again while waiting for her to call. JetBlue had one way flights in the $200 range, but only one was left. While Southwest didn’t come up in my trusty google flight search, I made sure to check their website separately and was able to find round trip direct flights on dates that worked for us for only $338 round trip per person

As we were looking for such a last-minute trip to Puerto Rico, many hotels were already booked, but one of the Hiltons still had availability, as did the Marriott right behind the airport. both were about $1200 total for our 5 night trip (which mom and I will be splitting) which seemed right for our relaxing getaway.

I called my mother again. She said she was just finishing up and was about to start looking at what I’d sent her via email.

“Don’t bother,” I said, “It’s done.” I gave her the choice between the two hotels. She picked the Hilton and booked it while I booked the flights.

Our vacation, which I’d been thinking about all summer, ended up being planned in less than a half hour. It seems that’s always the way life works.

So good news, everyone! Next month I’ll be posting about Puerto Rico when I’m not sipping daiquiri in the pool.

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