Gradually, then Suddenly. May 2016.

As long as April felt, May turned the tables a fluttered by… at least that’s what I’m assuming as I have very little memory of this time. While writing down the month that passed I had to check the calendar again to be sure that really was May that was already out the door. Not 100% sure I wasn’t drugged and missed part of that?!

Also summer arrived.




With two new employees starting this month I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotion. Both of them are great, but it’s fairly overwhelming to try to teach a million things at once while attempting to not be overwhelming and intense. It is a bit of a crunch as in exactly 1 month I’ll be on vacation for a few weeks, and I’d like for them to survive this time without me. It seems my vacations are when things like the office’s heat breaking, and other completely random things that you never think to train someone for happen. More likely they’ll just need to be confident enough to handle the accounts, and I just don’t know if that’s a possibility at this point.

Never have I felt more vital at work then when training these newbs, and realizing how long it really takes to get someone up to speed. I’m feeling irreplaceable in a weird mental sort of way where I have far too much knowledge of work. Sigh. 

 Speaking of vacations… Did I mention I am 1 month out from my next trip and completely ready to get away! Like a lot. I’m going to be visiting some very familiar places in Ireland, and then jumping into the Balkans which is going to be completely new. I really need to start some investigation into these places so I at least have a general notion of what to expect.

Something new I’ve started doing to prepare for new locations is looking at vlogs on YouTube. I’ve found a few vloggers with fun material, like Nicole Eddy’s travel videos, and the general ramblings of Hannah Chapman. I was inspired to lookup videos after finding some priceless clips I’d taken while living in Spain. Though none of those clips are fit for the eyes of the internet as they are monstrously dreadful, I did find that you can capture SO much more than in pictures, and I’m going to try to put together a few little clips on my next journey.

Unrelated to my pending travel

During May I’ve made some fruitless real estate attempts. I’ll post more about this soon, but I’m currently rocking an angry low of desperation as I attempt to blindly battle what I can only assume is an unjust and corrupt system.

I also had a fairly unsettling conversation with some bozo who thought Gary Oldman was well cast as Sirius Black, because Sirius is “disgusting” and a “terrible character”. This ABSOLUTE CLOWN also claimed that it “didn’t matter who the Marauders were” and that “Prisoner of Azkaban was the worst book”. Sometimes when faced with this type of outright idiocy I can’t tell if people just say these lies to anger me, or if they really are just that stupid. Harry Potter is not something that should be trivialized. Humor regarding incorrect facts and clearly MISUNDERSTOOD characters, plots, and basically the entire series is not well received by myself. I try to not “all caps” a lot but I cannot express enough how blatantly wrong this conversation was. I found myself stumbling over words as I failed to comprehend the stupid.


I am so out of sorts, I honestly didn’t belive it was June when Grace first texted me about writing our monthly recap. Much happened this month: I abandoned Grace to start working in my new position, got back into the swing of French Classes, and finally booked my trip to Italy and France that’s been three years in the making.

The booking of the flights is a story for another day, but we managed to get our flights for under $530 each (including paying extra fees to sit together). Once again, WOW Air came through in the clutch. We’re flying a red eye to Paris from two differnt cities on September 29th, meeting in Iceland, and arriving on the 30th. I will finally get to experience Nuit Blanche and spend time in Tuscany! We’ll return on October 9th, and I can’t wait to share every detail of planning.

Today (I know it’s not May but whatever), I found out that my French classes will not be continuing in the summer. They’re taking a break from offering my level until the fall (when I’ll be doing a lot of traveling for work and pleasure, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to enroll), and the only workshops I’m interested conflict with my Tuesday yoga class. I’d given up yoga for my twice weekly class because I knew I’d get a lot from it and the teacher is incredible. To make the same sacrifice for a once a week class on French news isn’t nearly as compelling. I know taking a few months off isn’t the end of the world, but I’ve worked so hard to regain any competency, was really looking forward to gaining additional fluency before going to France, and have been so attached to this as the thing that I do for me to become the person I want to be. C’est la vie, I’ll just have to jump right back in once it fits into my schedule again.


Around the Web

As Grace said, Harry Potter is nothing to be trivalized. That said, The Toast’s series on Ronbeldore is easily in the top 10 of all things on the interent. The toast closes July 1 (though the archives will remain open), but be
sure to check it out!


There are actual people in the actual world fighting to reclaim Canadian citizenship because they didn’t know their parents were Russian Spies. In real life. For real. Not fiction.

While it is only natural to mourn the death of pure celebrity love, we are already so excited for the album Taylor Swift will inevitably write about this breakup. HAYLOR lives.

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