Looking Forward… March 2016


For us, March was a month that will quickly fade into the background and quite possibly be forgotten altogether. With spring on the horizon we’re looking forward to changes and making space for future plans. It seems as though March was the month looking forward.


This month I booked a summer trip to the Balkans with my friend from work. I’m also going to be tacking on a few days at the beginning and end to dip passportmy toe in the solo travel waters. Solo travel is something I hear a lot of good things about, but having never ventured into the arena I’m going to start small.

My new passport arrived – and I’m ready to get some stamps!

March was also the beginning of my dabble in kickball, as several of my friends and I joined a team. I joined with hopes of fitness without realizing that kickball is 90% standing around and 10% violently bruising your shins (Yes I know you aren’t supposed to kick the ball with your shin but the field is patchy and the ball bounces and I made choices). The team manager asked if any of us had played on any other level, which left me with the question of is there any other level?

The month ended on a high note for me as one of my very best friends and favorite people of all time asked me to Maid of Honor in her wedding. We’ve been friends for more of our lives than we haven’t, and as one of my oldest friends it has really made me wistfully reminisce about all of our memories over the years.

The end of March has marked one quarter of 2016 already over. I have a lot of big personal goals this year, and I’m feeling a desperate urgency for movement. Fingers crossed.



Like Grace, I spent March thinking about the future. My commitment to French ended up being a much bigger undertaking than I thought, both in expense and time. While I’ve decided to continue in my studies (there are always a million reasons not to do something), figuring out how to work obtaining fluency into my budget and my life is still an ongoing process. So, full steam ahead, and hopefully I’ll be fluent no later than early 2018 (which is the year I turn 29, not that that looms large on the horizon or anything).

I’ve also been looking to make changes in my professional development (obviously the quest to fund our travels is continuous), and it looks like I’ll have the opportunity to make some big decisions in the next month or so. It’s always great when life goes from feeling nebulous to centered. I don’t want to count my chickens early, but hopefully I’ll have good news to share in the near future.

This months also marks 6 months until Paris and Tuscany! Alison and I have both been insanely busy, but we spoke last weekend to reaffirm the tentative plans we do have. I should have a flight booked by May, which means I’ll be able to share more definite plans on the blog. We’re still working out if we’re going the end of September or the beginning of October, so once that’s settled we’ll start booking hotels and excursions. While we’ve never traveled together, Alison and I love the same things (history and wine) and have the same sense of where we want to save and when we want to splurge. I’m really excited!

I feel like I’m on the cusp of starting to become the person I want to be. Let’s see how the rest of the year shapes up! I’m also looking into yoga retreats, and have seen some promising ones in Europe, primarially Spain. If anyone’s ever gone to one, let me know how it was!


Around the Web:

Smithsonian put out it’s annual list of Europe’s Most Endangerd Landmarks. While some have just been neglected, others are being actively destroyed by human activity. The Venice Lagoon was added this year, and I can only imagine how much would be lost if it were destroyed.

Look, I know I’m late to the party, but Hamilton seriously rocks and you should totally listen to the soundtract. I just picked up the biography the musical is based on, and it’s quite hefty. If anyone want’s to know what I’ll be up to the next couple of weeks, the answer is reading this book.


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