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Capri island

Day Trip to Capri Island – Italy

People often ask me to name the most beautiful place I’ve been. It’s not an easy question, and I don’t think I could ever really answer it. What I can say it that Capri Island is unbelievably stunning. If Capri island was a person, it would not be the person that you liked for their personality, even if it had a great personality. Capri would be the person who’s beauty no one could dispute.

When traveling on a tour of Italy with EF College break, we spent a day exploring Capri (I am now too old for these tours which makes me feel like a resurrected dinosaur). Most people visiting take a ferry from Sorrento and spend the day. Sorrento in itself is exceptionally lovely, and I would strongly recommend making this your base before venturing to Capri. Many quaint cafes line the streets, and the entire area is quite picturesque. Sorrento is famous for Limoncello, and enormous lemons can be seen all through the area. Definitely order a sample to try!

Evening in Sorrento


heading to dinner in Sorrento cafe in Sorrento

My tour of Capri began with a cruise around the island. These were the days before I had discovered my life changing motion sickness cures, but luckily the scenery was distracting enough to keep me feeling well.

cruise around Capri Island

The blue grottos can be explored via boat, and the water is a clear piercing blue. Many of the banks are lined with sea tomatoes.

blue grottosea tomatoes

A cruise around the island really is the only way to see many of the island’s beautiful features, and I would highly recommend it.

capri island marina

The true beauty of the place is hard to put into words, and thus something I feel only pictures can truly explain. The buildings lining the streets have a crisp glow, as I was visiting on a particularly clear and sunny day.

capri islandCapri island

Capri islandCapri island

Capri islandCapri islandCapri islandCapri islandCapri islandCapri islandCapri islandCapri island

One of the most spectacular vistas is that overlooking the cliffs of Capri. The below picture is taken from the main lookout point, and it is one of my all time favorite views.

Capri island

Capri island


After enjoying the breathtaking views, we ventured back down to the marina where you can walk to the edges of the rocks and enjoy the water. It’s actually quite deceiving when trying to judge how deep the water is, as it’s so clear the bottom appears much closer than it is. Capri islandCapri island1523

Capri island

There are countless day trips in Italy, and I’ve been on quite a few throughout Tuscany, but spending a day on Capri Island definitely stands out as one of my favorites. The best things about this place and the things that are completely free!

Capri, you are unmissable!

Capri Island Marina


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