Travel Planning

Choosing a Tour Company: Intrepid Travel Review

This summer I did something I haven’t done in quite a few years. Instead of being the usual googling and research guru I pride myself in being, I decided to be lazy for my trip to the Balkans, and join up with a group tour where all of the logistics and details were taken care of.Though the lazy side of me was excited, the side of me that is accustomed to researching every detail and creating an itinerary that suits my whims was nervous. This was my first trip with Intrepid Travel, a tour company I first heard of through Nomadic Matt, and I…
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Buying a House vs. Traveling: How to do Both


A little over two years ago I purchased my first home. But before I dipped my toe into the enraging enigma that is the housing market, I had a lot of hesitations. Mainly I didn’t want to sacrifice travel and adventure, or the possibility of it. The thought of just living in this house and doing nothing else until the end of time made me panicked, and if that was the only way to become a home owner I don’t think I would have. So, I started looking at it a different way – my sister was the one who…
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Scrambling to Book… International Flight Frustrations!

Booking international flights has been something I’ve always felt like I had a handle on. Google Flights is my go-to for getting started, and I think I’ve gotten some pretty sweet deals in the past. I haven’t really understood the frustration first hand…until this past week. I decided to extend my Balkans adventure this summer with some solo travel in Ireland before the tour, and another jaunt to Ireland on the tail end with a friend. Flying in and out of Ireland is cheaper than to the tour start location in Hungary, even with connecting flights, and additional travel connections,…
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Carry-on Backpack Alternate Pick

As mentioned in our Packing for Ireland post, I had to acquire my first travel backpack due to the carry-on restrictions for budget airlines. While packing in a travel backpack requires more cuts than I usually make (I didn’t bring any books other than my kindle!), my first adventure without real luggage was much more successful than I anticipated. Like Grace, I ended up selecting an Osprey. While Grace’s bag is top loading, I decided I wanted a backpack that opened like a suitcase, as I tend to let my stuff explode all over the room the second I arrive…
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Flying Budget Across the Atlantic

WOW air

For years European airlines like Ryanair have been teasing budget flights from the US to Europe, and while we like their enthusiasm, the continual tease is exhausting. We’ve seen “big announcements” that you’ll soon be crossing the ocean for $10 and we’ll all stop being oppressed by the ridiculous costs of flying. But it never happens. We can travel hack all day, but budget flights to Europe just haven’t really existed. We’re not used to budget flying here in the States. Unless you’re lucky enough to log in during a glitch in the system and the airlines are forced to honor…
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Last Minute Trip to Puerto Rico

Earlier this summer, my mom threw me a curveball, “would you want to go to the Caribbean with me.” Answer: Yes, Yes I would. Like with most things, getting this trip off the ground was nowhere near as easy as that. The last few years have been rough for my mom, medically speaking, and even in the final stretch of her recovery there are good days and not-so-good days. Sometimes she’d be super enthusiastic about the thought of warm water, and other days sitting would be too painful to even contemplate a flight. With the holidays coming and busy schedules…
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What’s Coming: Peru

Today marks exactly 1 week until I head off to Peru and visit South America for the first time. It’s just been in the past few days that I’ve realized how little I know about Peru, and how much more I should have been preparing. My travels over the summer took me to a new country, but essentially the majority of the trip was to places I knew quite well, having visited Ireland a few times previously, and spending part of 2011 teaching English in Madrid. Below I’ll outline my itinerary for 1 week in Peru! With our essentials booked…
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The Other America – Booking a Self Guided Tour of Peru

The Other America After my holiday in Europe in July, and a trip to Ireland booked for December, another international trip wasn’t exactly in my original plan or budget for 2015. That being said, ever since returning home my travel-itis has been excruciating and I’ve been obsessed with looking up my dream destinations. The post travel blues hit me hard, and getting back into the swing of things was rough. The last few trips I’ve been on, the destinations have for the most part been determined by the person I’m traveling with, and I’m not complaining. If I haven’t visited a…
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Packing Up & Moving On – Changing Travel Plans

Most people who travel will tell you that travel plans hardly ever go exactly as planned.   I usually set an itinerary, but know that I’m willing to make changes to bend to the situations that come up.   Being flexible and willing to address situations as they happen can maximize your fun while on a holiday.   Sometimes it’s as simple as meeting new people on a walking tour and deciding to ditch your beach plans to hang out with your new friends.   Sometimes, it’s slightly more complicated.   Before arriving in Madrid two weeks ago, we knew it was…
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