Budget Travel Spotlight on Porto, Portugal!

Hey budget traveler – here’s why your next stop should be Porto! I think it’s a misconception that Europe isn’t a budget travel destination. With all of the hype and price tags of London and Paris, we’re forgetting about the less photographed places with a lower price tag but just as much charm. For this spotlight, I’m talking about Porto.   I do think places like Paris can be traveled inexpensively, but when do so, you’re quite aware that you’re skirting the more in depth Parisian experience. I still have doubts as to whether London can be a  budget travel destination,…
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What’s Coming: Ireland, Spain, & Portugal

I’m writing to you tonight on the eve of my departure for my next trip: 3 weeks in Europe. Tomorrow afternoon I fly from Dulles, Virginia to Dublin, Ireland and I am too excited to handle it! Needless to say, my work day tomorrow will see me in a flutter of insanity trying to tie up loose ends and assuring Laine that I will keep her posted if I meet Prince Harry (if he were your boyfriend), any current member of One Direction (how’s normal 22 going Zayn?), or that person she likes in the illustrious picture of 16 abs. So…
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