Packing Cubes Review

Usually when I pack I use my trusty plastic zip lock bags to keep my clothes organized. This year, I thought I’d class things up a bit and try out packing cubes. After a bit of time on google, and checking out the ones Alex in Wanderland uses, I decided to order 3 different sets from Amazon with the aim being to return the ones that didn’t suit me as well. I’ve tried out a few different cubes so you don’t have to!   WHAT I ORDERED: Item 1 : The Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Set I ordered this…
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Packing List – Missouri

As I write this post, I need to be up to head to the airport in less than four hours. I’ve always been more productive at night, which makes being a normal person very difficult. I feel like I just got back and settled in after our trip to Ireland, and I’m already packing my bags again to head off to Missouri to visit my best friend and her new twins! I get to bring my purse this time, in addition to my new backpack. I get to bring my purse this time, but also lose space thanks to the…
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Packing List – Ireland in December


Today we head off to Ireland! It’s Grace’s 5th trip to Ireland, and Laine’s first, so we’ve been swapping a lot of ideas of what to bring.   Grace: Our time in Ireland will be far too short – but it’s still tricky to find the right balance of things to bring. Below is my packing list – including clothes I’ll be wearing on the plane. Sweaters – 3 Shirts (3/4 sleeve) – 2 Shirt (long sleeve for sleeping) – 1 Socks / Underwear Leggings – 1 Jeans – 1 Tank Tops – 2 Rain Jacket – 1 I’ll be…
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Packing List: 5 days in Puerto Rico

I should preface this by saying that this list is going to be very, very different from the ones Grace has done so far for two main reasons. One, I’m traveling with my mom, who firmly believes that carrying on is pointless and everything should be checked. Given that I’m bringing my snorkel gear, I’m inclined to agree with her. Two, this trip I have absolutely nothing planned. No excursions into the city. No encounters with nature. I intend to spend all five days at beach or pool with no company save for my mother, books, and the bar tender. Given…
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Packing List: 1 Week in Peru


Each time I envision packing for a trip it sounds super easy in my head, but every time I actually start getting things together I start having a near breakdown over my confusion. Over the summer I put together  a packing list for my trip to Europe, and I was pretty successful overall. I did end up buying an extra sweater and scarf while there, but nothing was a huge mistake. As this trip is only a week long and I’ll only be traveling to one country, I thought it would be a breeze. What has me hung up this…
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Natural Motion Sickness Remedies

Natural Motion Sickness Remedies for Travelers Motion sickness sucks, especially if you like to travel, and I think my motion sickness has grown stronger over time. Recent event #1 to support this: Having to leave and sit down while Laine and I were cleaning out the fish tank at work due to the excessive sloshing sounds. I felt moderately sea sick from the tiny sea represented in the fish tank. Ugh. Recent event #2: Someone at work was rocking in their chair and I had to ask them to stop due to feeling like death. This also reminded me of the…
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Packing List: 3 Weeks in Europe

clothes to be packed

Here is my packing list for Europe! The time leading up to a trip is usually filled with excitement and wistful anticipation, but nothing brings you crashing back down to reality faster than the panic that comes with figuring out what to pack. It seems a universal hatred, so I’ll be sharing how and what I pack and then passing along what I ended up using, and what I didn’t.   I think it’s safe to say that I’ve over-packed on every trip I’ve been on, while simultaneously feeling like I had nothing to wear. I think most people feel…
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Best Travel Backpack – Getting Geared up for your Trip

Travel backpack

Having a good backpack is essential. If you’re planning a trip to one destination and one hotel you can get away with a rolling case, but if you plan on traveling around at all you need everything off the ground with your hands free. Cobblestones weren’t meant for rolly-wheels, neither were train stairs, or running to catch the bus.   I compared backpacks before my trip last year, and my pick for the best travel backpack is the Osprey FlapJill Pack. This is the bag I used last year for two and a half weeks in Europe. It’s smaller than what I traveled…
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