Language Learning

French Classes – Update

I’ve written extensively about my decision to start taking French Classes. In short, it is expensive and inconvenient but also very important to me. So It sort of sucks to write that my experience in French class hadn’t resulted in the instant improvement in my language skills. Going to class every week has made studying French the priority I always wanted it to be, but the month has been so busy that I haven’t had time to practice outside of class with any consistency. There’s also the small matter of the teacher. She’s a native French speaker and very nice, but I…
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French Language Classes in D.C.

Caen's Hotel de Ville with international flags

Shortly after starting this blog, I made improving my mediocre French a priority. After much deliberation, I decided that enrolling in French Language Classes at the D.C. Alliance Francaise would force me to start acting on the plans I’d halfheartedly talked about for almost a decade. I’ll admit I didn’t 100% stick to the plan I’d laid out. Shortly after starting my daily French plan, I discovered BMFTV, a Parisian news station that streams free 24/7. I cannot understate how much I have benefited from watching the French news. Listening to natural speech patterns and introductions while getting reacquainted with general subjects…
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Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

For the number of classes I’ve taken on the Spanish language, I should be much better than I am. I like to blame it on the fact that my very first Spanish class was taught by a woman who was allergic to chalk, and left our class halfway through the year so she could “get better” in Mexico. Every class that followed was based on the basics which I barely grasped, and I constantly felt in over my head.   The reality is that foreign language just doesn’t come easily to me. I’m a mixture of poor skills and nerves. In…
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Fast Track to Fluency – French

eiffel tower at night

The quality of my French is a source of embarrassment for me. I started taking French in school when I was fifteen. After taking courses all through high school and college, working for a Canadian Francophone for a summer, and being enrolled at a language school in France, I passed the DELF B1. Essentially, after 7 years, it was officially certified that my French was “Intermediate”. What followed was Graduate School and real life. While I’ve tried to maintain my language skills using French resources I’ve accumulated over the years, I had largely accepted the inevitability that without using the…
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