What’s Coming: Eastern Europe & Ireland


What’s Coming: Ireland & Eastern Europe This weekend I’m spending a fair bit of time preparing for my next trip. On Wednesday I head off to visit one familiar place and a bunch of new places. It was only when I started getting things together that it really hit me how little I know about some of these new places, and I’m feeling a bit guilty that I didn’t put more effort into finding out about local customs and conversational phrases. Starting it off: The first stop is Ireland, and though I’ll be landing in Dublin which is familiar, I’ll…
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What’s Coming: Peru

Today marks exactly 1 week until I head off to Peru and visit South America for the first time. It’s just been in the past few days that I’ve realized how little I know about Peru, and how much more I should have been preparing. My travels over the summer took me to a new country, but essentially the majority of the trip was to places I knew quite well, having visited Ireland a few times previously, and spending part of 2011 teaching English in Madrid. Below I’ll outline my itinerary for 1 week in Peru! With our essentials booked…
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The Other America – Booking a Self Guided Tour of Peru

The Other America After my holiday in Europe in July, and a trip to Ireland booked for December, another international trip wasn’t exactly in my original plan or budget for 2015. That being said, ever since returning home my travel-itis has been excruciating and I’ve been obsessed with looking up my dream destinations. The post travel blues hit me hard, and getting back into the swing of things was rough. The last few trips I’ve been on, the destinations have for the most part been determined by the person I’m traveling with, and I’m not complaining. If I haven’t visited a…
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Ireland, Again and for the First Time

Laine: I have never been to Ireland. Given Grace’s incredible enthusiasm for the country, it’s amazing I’ve made it this long without hopping a flight across the Atlantic. When Grace returned from her most recent trip last week, she was already determined to sneak another trip in this year and, willing accomplice that I am, I didn’t hesitate to say “yes”. One week later, and we have the flights for a long weekend in Ireland booked in December. Throwing a trip together in a such a short period of time may seem impetuous, but both of us always keep an…
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What’s Coming: Ireland, Spain, & Portugal

I’m writing to you tonight on the eve of my departure for my next trip: 3 weeks in Europe. Tomorrow afternoon I fly from Dulles, Virginia to Dublin, Ireland and I am too excited to handle it! Needless to say, my work day tomorrow will see me in a flutter of insanity trying to tie up loose ends and assuring Laine that I will keep her posted if I meet Prince Harry (if he were your boyfriend), any current member of One Direction (how’s normal 22 going Zayn?), or that person she likes in the illustrious picture of 16 abs. So…
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