It Was the Best of Times; it Was the Worst of Times

With people often asking me the best and worst places for certain types of travel I’m kicking off my list of the best and worst travel destinations in a few different categories…offering advice and of course my personal successes and, well, less successful dabbles in these arenas. These will be bias based on the places I’ve been – so check out the travel map   Western Europe on a Budget – The Best : If you’re looking for a taste of Europe, but want to spend a modest amount of money on your travels you should absolutely be kicking it…
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Travel mishaps will be your favorite stories!

Don’t let your travel mishaps bring you down, they’ll be some of your favorite stories! Today’s misadventure is an excerpt to my road trip, and took place in Genoa, Italy. Not only are some of my favorite travel stories from times where everything went completely wrong, but they are also usually experiences which taught me a lot! Driving in foreign countries has gone fairly smoothly for me. I mean, I did make it around in one piece! Did I have to turn around a few times? Yeah… just a few.  But, one time in particular stands out to me where…
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European Road Trip…Part 4

Venice, Italy

To catch up check out Part 1, Part2, & Part 3 Our lengthy delay in Genoa meant our arrival in Venice was much later than anticipated. We’d hoped to scope out a decent place to stay, but arriving in the dark makes that harder. After the four-hour drive we were pretty spent from the driving and the robust singing. We decided to just camp out in the car, but not without first setting off several traffic violation lights, and driving through some abandoned train shipping yards. We’re subtle. The next day we drove closer to downtown Venice, and were lucky…
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European Road Trip…Part 3

Genoa, Italy

To catch up check out Part 1, & Part 2 Spending a Day in Genoa, Italy: A beautiful place to walk a 40 minute drive. At this point we’d been on the road quite a few days and really wishing we had music on this journey. Unfortunately the Piccanto wasn’t equipped with an auxiliary port, and without international data we had no means of playing tunes. We soon resorted to singing loudly in the car. It was mediocre entertainment. Every so often an English song would be discernible on the scratchy radio. Every single time it was Lady Gaga’s ‘born this way’.  I…
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Capri – Sunshine & Coast Lines

Capri island

Day Trip to Capri Island – Italy People often ask me to name the most beautiful place I’ve been. It’s not an easy question, and I don’t think I could ever really answer it. What I can say it that Capri Island is unbelievably stunning. If Capri island was a person, it would not be the person that you liked for their personality, even if it had a great personality. Capri would be the person who’s beauty no one could dispute. When traveling on a tour of Italy with EF College break a few years ago, we spent a day exploring Capri…
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