Buying a House vs. Traveling: How to do Both


A little over two years ago I purchased my first home. But before I dipped my toe into the enraging enigma that is the housing market, I had a lot of hesitations. Mainly I didn’t want to sacrifice travel and adventure, or the possibility of it. The thought of just living in this house and doing nothing else until the end of time made me panicked, and if that was the only way to become a home owner I don’t think I would have. So, I started looking at it a different way – my sister was the one who…
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An Ode to Wine Clubs

Food is such a defining part of so many cultures. Cooking and feeding loved ones can be a way of showing affection and preserving heritage. Culture can also be a fancy excuse to consume tons of calories. While I was in France, I grew to appreciate many of their food habits (including meat so raw it’s basically mooing), but the greatest influence on my palette was the wine. I turned 21 three days after arriving in France. While I’d grown up with a large, extended family that believed all wine should be red and generously poured (and developed a taste for it…
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The Majesty of a One Direction concert as an … Adult?

one direction

Being an adult at a One Direction concert is a confusing experience. Now 28 and 25, neither of us intended to become fans, and that journey is a story for another day. I don’t think anyone starts liking One Direction believing the love will be so real, but alas it is.  Combined, we’ve been to loads of concerts. Everything from small Punk Rock shows held in a hole in the wall, to Country shows held in giant fields, and nearly everything in between. Nothing is like a One Direction concert. Our journey to the stadium began at 5:00 pm. The…
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Yoga – A Changing Perspective

I did yoga for the first time about a decade ago. My mom took out a video from the library, and I attempted the poses with her in our basement. I didn’t make it ten minutes before I was laughing. I was unable to take the meditative aspects seriously, let alone focus when the poses were named after animals. In fairness, I never really took to any athletic activity. Many years later when I was living in New York, I decided I needed to take up something that would (1) break up all the sitting at work, in class, on…
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Books that Made Me Want to Travel – Amelia Peabody

The Amelia Peabody Series by Elizabeth Peters takes place in late 19th and early 20th century Egypt and England. They are my favorite books of all time and have inspired many of my travel fantasies. I could attempt to review the first book, Crocodile on the Sandbank (and the subsequent 18 books in the series plus compendium!) but in reality they are the most formative and perfect books I have ever read, and any attempt at literary analysis would devolve into the written equivalent of incoherent sobbing. Instead, I’ll link to Orson Scott Card’s review, which does a great job of…
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