Euro 2012 – Study Abroad in Germany and Poland

Sometimes, trips are terrible and it’s easy to explain why. Other times, they’re great and it’s so easy to talk about it with friends and make them want to go have the same experiences. Other times, you can have the most amazing time, but all attempts to explain why come down to, “you just had to be there.” My trip to Germany and Poland in 2012 definitely falls into the last category. I’ve made multiple references to it being one of my favorite trips, and made an equal number of attempts to write posts about it that I end up…
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European Road Trip…Part 5


To Catch up check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4! As we drove away from Venice and north towards Austria, I started to notice how dehydrated I was. It’s always a mystery to me how exhausting driving is, but I  hadn’t realized about the dehydration until I drank an entire liter of iced tea and didn’t have to stop to pee. As I usually stop to be roughly ever twenty minutes, this is particularly alarming. With this in mind we stopped at the first shops we could find to stock up on beverages. Driving through Austria offered…
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