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Buying a House vs. Traveling: How to do Both


A little over two years ago I purchased my first home. But before I dipped my toe into the enraging enigma that is the housing market, I had a lot of hesitations. Mainly I didn’t want to sacrifice travel and adventure, or the possibility of it. The thought of just living in this house and doing nothing else until the end of time made me panicked, and if that was the only way to become a home owner I don’t think I would have. So, I started looking at it a different way – my sister was the one who…
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Capital One Venture – A Response to Nomadic Matt

We both read a lot of Nomadic Matt. As a well-respected travel blogger, both his trips abroad and success  are inspiring to us. That said, when he wrote this post on the Capital One Venture card, we both had a few issues. Grace has the fee version of this card which gives 2% cash back, and Laine has the free version which gives 1.25%. We both chose this card primarily because of the 0% on foreign transaction fees, a benefit which Matt dismisses in his post, as he claims it’s common. While there are many cards without foreign transaction fees, the…
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Budgeting for Travel

Vacationing around the world, especially to expensive countries in Western Europe, can often seem inaccessible for people just starting out in their careers. Conversely, when we’re just starting out also the time when we have the fewest responsibilities and obligations preventing us from indulging our whims. Many people with my salary and debt are living paycheck to paycheck and have very limited discretionary income. I have significant student loan debt and a car payment. With an annual gross income that is less than half of my total debt, my ability to travel is largely based on two factors: my willingness to diligently…
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