Relaxing in Puerto Rico

I’ve just returned from Puerto Rico, where I spent five glorious days doing absolutely nothing. Once we arrived at the hotel, we only left the property three times – once to pick up rations and twice to eat at an Italian restaurant. We toyed with the idea of a day trip to snorkel or see Puerto Rico’s famed luminescent water, but both would have required long taxi rides and planning, towards which neither of us were particularly inclined. In my defense, would you want to leave this place?Our room had one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. It seemed…
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Last Minute Trip to Puerto Rico

Earlier this summer, my mom threw me a curveball, “would you want to go to the Caribbean with me.” Answer: Yes, Yes I would. Like with most things, getting this trip off the ground was nowhere near as easy as that. The last few years have been rough for my mom, medically speaking, and even in the final stretch of her recovery there are good days and not-so-good days. Sometimes she’d be super enthusiastic about the thought of warm water, and other days sitting would be too painful to even contemplate a flight. With the holidays coming and busy schedules…
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My First Trip Abroad – The Bahamas

I didn’t do any traveling abroad until after I started college. Family vacations were made up of a (nearly annual) week at the beach with my extended family, two trips to Disney, one weekend skiing in Virginia, and occasional weekends in hotels thanks to my sister’s gymnastics competitions. At 15 I hadn’t been very many places, so you can imagine my shock when my best friend called to ask if I wanted to join her and her mother for a few days at the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas for her birthday. I think I shrieked in a way that…
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