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As mentioned in our Packing for Ireland post, I had to acquire my first travel backpack due to the carry-on restrictions for budget airlines. While packing in a travel backpack requires more cuts than I usually make (I didn’t bring any books other than my kindle!), my first adventure without real luggage was much more successful than I anticipated.

Like Grace, I ended up selecting an Osprey. While Grace’s bag is top loading, I decided I wanted a backpack that opened like a suitcase, as I tend to let my stuff explode all over the room the second I arrive in a destination, and I knew having to dig for things I needed in a top down style would only exacerbate that problem. I ended up selecting the Farpoint 40L model in a S/M and I am already obsessed with this thing. It has approximately 1 million pockets, lots of clips, and enough support that (properly used) holding it for an hour or so in the airport or walking city streets is manageable. I selected the 40L because I am a small person not used to carrying heavy things, and because it seemed from reviews that the larger sizes didn’t meet all carry on requirements.IMG_1774As you can see from my Ireland bag, there is plenty of room for all of my necessities (yes, a solid pair of heels are a necessity, even if they aren’t worn). If I had more than 2 days to wait for this bag to arrive in time, the red color option was extremely lovely, but te black more than meets my needs. I also like that there is an option to use it as a duffel, in case there’s every a situation in which I don’t want to look like an overeager student on the first day of school when traveling. When in use as a duffel, the strap bits fit neatly into their own compartment and are completely concealed.

I looked a few different models, and the alternatives that met my needs all fell at a much higher price point. Because I don’t plan to put this bag through anything more stressful than squeezing under an airplane seat, the extra money for increased durability didn’t seem worth it.

Downsides to this bag: I cannot fit a library in it. More seriously, the laptop compartment is a bit snug for my massive laptop, and I wish the compartment was next to my back, rather than exposed in the front of the bag.

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