About Me

In 2011 I was a few years out of college and still trying to find my “real” job. Many late night hours on the internet led me to reading about ways to live abroad, and I decided I wanted to teach English in Europe. As any timid adventurer does, I looked to my other friends with mediocre jobs, and convinced two of them to join in the journey. We wrote a bunch of places on a piece of paper and made tally’s in columns and a few hours later had grand plans to move to Spain. We bought one-way tickets to Madrid, and that’s where I perfected the art of winging it, awkwardly smiling while not understanding what’s going on, and deciphering what type of meat is in the “mixto” packet at the grocery store. This time in Spain spurred my love of traveling new places.

Now, I work in an office. But I still try to find as much time as possible to explore. I want to keep track of the places I go, in the hopes that I can look back on them. If my memory ends up being anything like my mother’s, it will be very handy.

I’m usually travelling with friends, and for the most part they are there of their own free will…

Capri island