European Road Trip…Part 3

Genoa, Italy

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Spending a Day in Genoa, Italy: A beautiful place to walk a 40 minute drive.

driving into Genova

At this point we’d been on the road quite a few days and really wishing we had music on this journey. Unfortunately the Piccanto wasn’t equipped with an auxiliary port, and without international data we had no means of playing tunes. We soon resorted to singing loudly in the car. It was mediocre entertainment. Every so often an English song would be discernible on the scratchy radio. Every single time it was Lady Gaga’s ‘born this way’.  I don’t know why.

With Nice being a bit of a disappointment, heading to the Italian border was all the more exciting. The coastal drive from Nice to Genoa isn’t long, only about 2.5 hours, and very pretty.

Arriving in Genoa, we spent a bit of time tracking down parking before heading down to the port. The roads were windy mazes, and it took a little while to find a spot, which was finally discovered at the top of the hill. We set a location drop on the GPS so we could find it again, and walked down to the water.

The pictures I’d seen of Genoa in advanced were stunning, but after the disappointing views in Nice, I was nervous it wouldn’t be like the pictures. It wasn’t. It was better.

That’s the thing about Italy that I love, there’s really no room or reason for disappointment. All of the pictures are right.

Also unlike Nice, we had quite a few things we wanted to check out in Genoa.

Eating gelato & walking around by the Harbor

Genoa Harbor   Genoa Harbor Genoa HarborGenoa Harbor

Visiting the Piazza de Ferrari…

Piazza de Ferrari

Checking out Christopher Columbus’ House …

I don’t recommend the tour of the inside. It’s quite expensive and the house is very small, with most of it roped off for restoration purposes. 

Christopher Columbus' House

Seeing the Cathedral de San Lorenzo…


We’d also been advised by some of our Spanish students that the pesto gnocchi is the best in Genoa. They were not wrong.

Pesto Gnocchi

The sights we wanted to check out were lovely, but one of my favorite things in Genoa was how around every corner there was amazing architecture. The old part of the city has even been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Genoa, Italy Genoa, ItalyIMG_1078

IMG_1167 IMG_1135

As the day started to come to a close, we decided to start walking back to the car as we would be driving on to Venice where we were planning toGenoa, Italy arrive before dark. We knew we needed to walk upwards, as we’d walked down the hill to get to the water initially.

If only it was that simple 

While walking we started to make a lot of wrong turns. The roads are super windy, so at times we would walk left for about 10 to 15 minutes only to find that the road would then loop back to the right. We were completely turned around. We backtracked a bit. Some places we had to walk down to go up again. The GPS wouldn’t turn on for no discernible reason.

I’d worn flip flops as I’d anticipated a day of leisurely strolling. The flops were useless on the steep cobblestone streets and the hills were brutal.

An hour passes. 

At this point my legs are like jelly and we’re no closer to finding the car. There are no taxis to be seen as we’re in residential streets. Nothing looks familiar.

I get to the point where I think I’m actually going to have to tell Lance to go ahead without me and I’ll just have to start a new life on the sidewalk. My legs were burning and I really felt I might not be able to carry on.

Lance uses a public street toilet. I’m so dehydrated my usual routine of peeing every 20 minutes is null.

Another hour passes.Genoa, Italy

We are finally able to get the GPS to turn on. We find that the car is 40 minutes away. That’s in driving time by the way, not walking.

We walk the 40 minute drive. 

I am basically dead. Lance is pale and sad.

We both sit in the car for several minutes without speaking, barely able to bend our legs.

We devour the snacks we had stashed in the car.

I don’t remember what water tastes like.

But, we can’t stay here. The street we’re parked on is certainly not somewhere one could sleep, and so we trudge on. We plug in the faithful GPS and type in the ever so specific, Venice.

Genoa, you are beautiful, but for now your legacy will be one of blisters and confusion.

Until next time!

Now, it’s on to Venice!

Genoa, Italy



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