2018 Travel Plans

Today is a fresh start – the very first day of 2018. This year I have concrete plans that I’m going to be working on. Just knowing what I want to work on has been a big journey over the past few years, and these next steps are very exciting. While I work on those things, I do also have some travel plans lined up for this year which are also very exciting for me. So, these are my travel plans for 2018. Well, the ones I have lined up so far. I’m hoping to add something in the late autumn/early winter time, but it’s just too far away to think of at the moment.


One of my very favorite people in the whole world got married in 2017. For a handful of years she and I were travel mates and it was glorious. But, she’s starting a new chapter with her husband, and looking to building her own family. I’m so happy/excited for her, but of course I will miss our international adventures together. While we still fill our day to day with adventures together, her travel ability will be a bit restricted moving forward. So, I’m excited to say she and I will be taking a bit of a one last hurrah type of trip. She and her husband will be visiting family in Germany, then meeting me in Ireland for a little over a week before they round out their trip in Paris.

I’ve decided to arrive in Ireland a day in advance so get used to the time difference. I’ll then stay on in Ireland a few days after them to do some sightseeing and to just hang out in some of my favorite places. I’ve been telling anyone who will stand still long enough how I got my round trip flight from the US to Ireland for $280 via Wowair. I like to think myself a flight magician, but really Wowair is just amazing, and I used a promo code that was valid a few days before Christmas and applied to my travel dates. So, really it was just using the internet.

A NEW CONTINENT: My First Time in Asia – Japan

Spring will be a busy season for me. A few weeks after I return from Ireland I travel to Asia for the first time. While in the Balkans this past summer a fellow tour mate mentioned the tour guide also leads tours of Japan, and she threw out the idea that we should book one of his tours. I thought that was a brilliant idea, so we signed up, and will be meeting up in Japan in April. Japan is a place I’ve wanted to go in the way I want to go most places, but I really don’t know about a lot of the popular destinations there. I’m planning to leave my expectations open and find out what’s going on when I get there. I haven’t really looked over the itinerary either, as I kind of just want to be surprised when I get there.

BIRTHDAY MILESTONES: Family time in New England

This June is a milestone birthday for my mother, so she, my sister, and I are planning on taking a short trip together to commemorate the occasion. Destination – New England, and no other details known. We’ll work on sorting out the exact location in the next few months. But, I think this trip will be a nice way to make some memories together. It’s also a good time to escape the often sweltering Maryland summer heat.

A THROWBACK : Old Friends in New Places – China

I’m always hesitant to say I’m going somewhere until the tickets are booked, so I hesitate to mention this trip as it’s a bit farther away. I have a fear that things will fall through and I’m jinxing myself. But, I’m going to hang on to my positive vibes and carry on as this plan is set in motion. My friend Lance and I were travel mates for a while back in what feels like several lifetimes ago. We were complete noobs then, Lance only having traveled to Canada with family, and I had only visited England and Mexico at that time. We didn’t have work visas, and never really thought about it. We didn’t speak Spanish, and were silly enough to stay living with a depressed insane Spaniard who clearly loathed us. We also traveled to turtle camp together where we saved sea turtles together and nearly died of starvation as well as whatever disease you get when a raccoon dies in your drinking water. For while we were the ones adventuring and I’ve very much had a left behind syndrome as he’s continued to adventure on teaching English in Singapore and now China, while I’ve been desk bound working. So, I’m hopeful that my plans to visit him in China will indeed hold strong. China is huge and diverse and I know that in my limited time there I’ll barely be able to scratch the surface of things to do and see. This means I’m attempting to leave my itinerary fairly open and let him recommend what will make the most sense. The beginning of August will be my Chinese adventure.

VIDEO DIARIES: New Projects for a New Year

When some old video footage of Lance and I in Spain emerged it was pure gold. I’ve seen the trillions of photos I took many times, but the video footage had been tucked away. Just a few minutes of video brought back a million more memories, and had me cry laughing to myself. I realized that I wanted to make more videos and record more travel memories. This year my goal is to make some video-diary-style vlogs while traveling. I want to look back on them when I’m older. I’m also already furious with myself for not doing this sooner, and capturing so many moments I already feel slipping away into non-existent memory. This will be a new project for the year, and I’m excited to work on it.

Well, that’s it- my travel plans for 2018!

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