Monthly Archive: August 2016

Why You Should Visit Sarajevo

If you read my review of Intrepid Travel you know that I did zero research before jetting off to the Balkans. Though this isn’t my usual, I really loved it because I had no expectations. If you’re headed to Paris, odds are good you are picturing yourself gazing out across the city atop the Eiffel Tower, and imagining how wonderful of the crepes will taste. The risk you run with this is disappointment, so really I was setting myself up perfectly for this trip (the lazy man’s excuse). No expectations = no disappointment! Like many people, when I think of Bosnia the first thing that comes to…
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Choosing a Tour Company: Intrepid Travel Review

This summer I did something I haven’t done in quite a few years. Instead of being the usual googling and research guru I pride myself in being, I decided to be lazy for my trip to the Balkans, and join up with a group tour where all of the logistics and details were taken care of.Though the lazy side of me was excited, the side of me that is accustomed to researching every detail and creating an itinerary that suits my whims was nervous. This was my first trip with Intrepid Travel, a tour company I first heard of through Nomadic Matt, and I…
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Solo Travel for Women – Is it Overrated?

As I reach the upper tier of my twenties I’ve been ill-advisedly clicking on more and more articles about things you have to do while you’re still “young”.  Many lists are entitled things to do before you turn 30 or things everyone should do in their twenties, and other headlines which make me worry I’ve missed out on something extremely time sensitive things and after 30 I’ll be too old and decrepit to do whatever it was. Though many of the items are fairly eye-roll worthy (try a new sport – really?), one thing I did take away was solo travel. I…
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