Monthly Archive: May 2016

It Was the Best of Times; it Was the Worst of Times

With people often asking me the best and worst places for certain types of travel I’m kicking off my list of the best and worst travel destinations in a few different categories…offering advice and of course my personal successes and, well, less successful dabbles in these arenas. These will be bias based on the places I’ve been – so check out the travel map   Western Europe on a Budget – The Best : If you’re looking for a taste of Europe, but want to spend a modest amount of money on your travels you should absolutely be kicking it…
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Scrambling to Book… International Flight Frustrations!

Booking international flights has been something I’ve always felt like I had a handle on. Google Flights is my go-to for getting started, and I think I’ve gotten some pretty sweet deals in the past. I haven’t really understood the frustration first hand…until this past week. I decided to extend my Balkans adventure this summer with some solo travel in Ireland before the tour, and another jaunt to Ireland on the tail end with a friend. Flying in and out of Ireland is cheaper than to the tour start location in Hungary, even with connecting flights, and additional travel connections,…
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Work work work work… April 2016


April 2016 April has possibly felt like the longest month in the history of time and space. In March big changes at work were underway, and in April those changes were finalized. Flash back a few years when Laine applied as an administrative assistant, and Grace hired her. Over two years have since passed and we’ve worked directly together in administration. Now Laine will be taking a new job in the marketing department, and the change is bitter sweet, but mostly really exciting! The change was made more thrilling by the fact that Laine was offered the job before the…
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