Monthly Archive: March 2016

Volunteer Abroad : Sea Turtle Rescue – Costa Rica

Turtle Camp

It’s safe to say volunteering abroad was not at all what I was expecting. THE PLAN After returning home from teaching English in Spain, I fell back into the same ruts pretty quickly. Bartending, bored, searching for a real job, but unexcited by everything I found. I’d gotten pretty jazzed when I found a place you could volunteer with elephants in Sri Lanka, but the excitement was zapped when the price to live in a hut and shovel massive elephant poo was the cost of a used car. I’d been naïve in thinking volunteering would be free or next to it….
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The Russians are Coming

I’ve spent a fair bit of time convincing strangers I’m not Russian. When I was a teen the phenomenon started. I was on a lunch break from work and had stopped by Five Guys to get a massive cheese burger and escape from the asylum that was my office. When I got up to the counter ,a Latino guy said I could have free fries, because “foreigners need to stick together”. I squinted. He asked me about my accent, and about Russia. Sir – I’m quite literally 5 minutes from the town I’ve been living in my entire life. I…
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In the Bleak Midwinter… February 2016

February brought changes at work as we saw our 3 person department  become 2. Our friend and work mate left us for a 2 week trip to Brazil before heading to China for a 1 year teaching contract. While some coworkers begged him to stay, we urged him to keep the adventures alive and live his own smog-filled dreams. In true February in Maryland fashion much of the month was spent under grey skies and navigating treacherously icy roads. Grace: I kicked off the month with a girls weekend in Panama City, Florida. Though the Florida weather was in an…
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