Monthly Archive: January 2016

The Month it Wintered… January 2016

It seems like every monthly recap has us stammering on about how quickly the month has flown by…until January that is. Enter the month where winter found us. All at once, basically in two days. January brought us a blizzard with waist high snow and severe cases of cabin fever. Usually you can do moderately quaint things like go for a walk in the snow, but the snowfall was so great that walking through it was nearly impossible. We were at the mercy of the snow plows and they aren’t exactly the most reliable people to have to depend on. The…
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Cheap Flight Tips: Skiplagged

Grace and I are always looking to save money on flights. Wow Air has impressed us as a budget option for Europe, but the U.S. still lacks the domestic budget options available in other countries. While it doesn’t solve that issue, Skiplagged attempts to minimize the price of travel through “hidden city” ticketing (though “normal” flight results come up as well). Unlike other search engines, Skiplagged considers flights for which your destination is a layover. It sounds strange, but it can often be cheaper to flight this way than the traditional method of booking flights. They’ve also been in the news…
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Peru : The Best & Worst in Pictures

Cusco, Peru

I wish when you googled pictures of places they were a little more all-encompassing. Sure, you can do a street view in some places, but I think the images should have to be a realistic representation of a visit. It’s hard to explain to people that yes, Ireland really is that pretty while also saying dear God I don’t recommend Naples unless you want to become a trash monster.  That’s because both locations yield google searches with tons of stunning pictures, but they definitely are not accurate for either. It’s natural to want to crop the less desirable aspects out of…
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2015 Rewind

2015 rewind

To kick off 2016 we thought it would be fitting to do a quick recap of our highlights from the last year.   Grace: This past year has been unique. I’ve had a pretty strange mix of highs and lows and plan to use this next year to iron out some of the struggles.When you’re in school, each year has such a distinct beginning and end (with a nice long holiday thrown in), and one of the strangest things about the “real world” is that time just floats by with no distinctive markers. So, this new year will be my marker….
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