Monthly Archive: October 2015

Put the paper in the bin – October 2015

So much has happened in October that our last monthly recap seems like an incredibly long time ago. Grace traveled to South America, and Laine booked a last minute trip to Puerto Rico for November. October has brought us fall, which is something that we strongly disagree on. While Laine enjoys the cooler days and “sweater weather”, Grace is bitter about the pending doom of winter and finds the pumpkin spice everything maddening (it’s nutmeg people – move on!). We Halloweened pretty hard at work  – and our department of a whopping three people continued our tradition of a group costume. Unfortunately…
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Why you should visit Ollantaytambo, Peru!


Why you should visit Ollantaytambo My trip to Peru last week marked my first time in South America. In my mind, I imagined it as Costa Rica, as that’s the farthest south I’d been so it was the closest thing I could think of, and I must say this comparison wasn’t too crazy off. The flight to Peru also marked the first time I’ve had a journey with two layovers (El Salvador & Lima) which confirmed my theory that it would make the travel time seem one billion times longer. I’ve been lucky that my last few international trips were direct…
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Euro 2012 – Study Abroad in Germany and Poland

Sometimes, trips are terrible and it’s easy to explain why. Other times, they’re great and it’s so easy to talk about it with friends and make them want to go have the same experiences. Other times, you can have the most amazing time, but all attempts to explain why come down to, “you just had to be there.” My trip to Germany and Poland in 2012 definitely falls into the last category. I’ve made multiple references to it being one of my favorite trips, and made an equal number of attempts to write posts about it that I end up…
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French Classes – Update

I’ve written extensively about my decision to start taking French Classes. In short, it is expensive and inconvenient but also very important to me. So It sort of sucks to write that my experience in French class hadn’t resulted in the instant improvement in my language skills. Going to class every week has made studying French the priority I always wanted it to be, but the month has been so busy that I haven’t had time to practice outside of class with any consistency. There’s also the small matter of the teacher. She’s a native French speaker and very nice, but I…
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Last Minute Trip to Puerto Rico

Earlier this summer, my mom threw me a curveball, “would you want to go to the Caribbean with me.” Answer: Yes, Yes I would. Like with most things, getting this trip off the ground was nowhere near as easy as that. The last few years have been rough for my mom, medically speaking, and even in the final stretch of her recovery there are good days and not-so-good days. Sometimes she’d be super enthusiastic about the thought of warm water, and other days sitting would be too painful to even contemplate a flight. With the holidays coming and busy schedules…
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European Road Trip…Part 6


To catch up check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5! At this point the Piccanto was a filthy pit. Our exhaustion levels were at an all-time high, as many chilly nights in the car weren’t sufficient rest. We were quite weary travelers. Driving through Switzerland was beautiful, but marred by our first actual pull off by a policeman. To drive in Switzerland, you have to have a permit sticker on your windshield. We’d heard rumors of this, but were only planning to drive through the country and thought we’d be able to sneak through undetected. We…
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Packing List: 1 Week in Peru


Each time I envision packing for a trip it sounds super easy in my head, but every time I actually start getting things together I start having a near breakdown over my confusion. Over the summer I put together  a packing list for my trip to Europe, and I was pretty successful overall. I did end up buying an extra sweater and scarf while there, but nothing was a huge mistake. As this trip is only a week long and I’ll only be traveling to one country, I thought it would be a breeze. What has me hung up this…
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Homecoming Tailgate – WVU vs OSU

I never really had the college experience. Yes, I have two degrees from accredited institutions, but the American college experience so often depicted in movies was incredibly different from my reality. Other than a misspent semester in Florida, I lived at home or in my own apartment well off campus, never attended a sporting event, and spent many more lazy nights in with friends than wild nights out. Given that I’m a sports lover filled with boundless enthusiasm for themed things, I’m not opposed to partying and sports at all, which is why I was so excited to head to…
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European Road Trip…Part 5


To Catch up check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4! As we drove away from Venice and north towards Austria, I started to notice how dehydrated I was. It’s always a mystery to me how exhausting driving is, but I  hadn’t realized about the dehydration until I drank an entire liter of iced tea and didn’t have to stop to pee. As I usually stop to be roughly ever twenty minutes, this is particularly alarming. With this in mind we stopped at the first shops we could find to stock up on beverages. Driving through Austria offered…
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What’s Coming: Peru

Today marks exactly 1 week until I head off to Peru and visit South America for the first time. It’s just been in the past few days that I’ve realized how little I know about Peru, and how much more I should have been preparing. My travels over the summer took me to a new country, but essentially the majority of the trip was to places I knew quite well, having visited Ireland a few times previously, and spending part of 2011 teaching English in Madrid. Below I’ll outline my itinerary for 1 week in Peru! With our essentials booked…
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