Monthly Archive: August 2015

I Finally Have a Base Tan – August 2015


Hello, fellow travelers! It’s been a busy month here at the Avid Wanderer. You may have noticed some slight changes to the menu headings and categories to make them more intuitive and user friendly. If you’ve found us recently, may we suggest starting with our intro post to get an idea of who we are and what we do. In September, we hope to cover many destinations that we’ve been to but haven’t posted about yet. Expect some amusing stories, photo posts, and tips and tricks that got us through previous trips abroad.   Laine’s August Recap: After a summer…
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An Ode to Wine Clubs

Food is such a defining part of so many cultures. Cooking and feeding loved ones can be a way of showing affection and preserving heritage. Culture can also be a fancy excuse to consume tons of calories. While I was in France, I grew to appreciate many of their food habits (including meat so raw it’s basically mooing), but the greatest influence on my palette was the wine. I turned 21 three days after arriving in France. While I’d grown up with a large, extended family that believed all wine should be red and generously poured (and developed a taste for it…
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Sorry Amsterdam, I don’t get it

Amsterdam Canal

Sorry Amsterdam, I don’t get it.   My trip to Amsterdam falls under the list of places I’ve gone because my travel companion chose it.  I’d never personally been drawn to the city, but I’m always excited to try anywhere I haven’t been before. It also fit in nicely with the other countries we were visiting on this trip to Europe, Ireland & England, so it was a no brainer to add it to our itinerary. Sometimes these places take me by surprise in an awesome way (Porto), but sometimes … not. I know I can hear a thousand irate…
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French Language Classes in D.C.

Caen's Hotel de Ville with international flags

Shortly after starting this blog, I made improving my mediocre French a priority. After much deliberation, I decided that enrolling in French Language Classes at the D.C. Alliance Francaise would force me to start acting on the plans I’d halfheartedly talked about for almost a decade. I’ll admit I didn’t 100% stick to the plan I’d laid out. Shortly after starting my daily French plan, I discovered BMFTV, a Parisian news station that streams free 24/7. I cannot understate how much I have benefited from watching the French news. Listening to natural speech patterns and introductions while getting reacquainted with general subjects…
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Ten Things to Do in Paris

If I could go back in time and relive my study abroad experience, I would have been a less responsible student and played hookie almost every Friday. My classes may have taught me to communicate in the country I adored, but they were missing one, absolutely crucial thing: Paris. While I arrived in early September, a hectic class schedule and a desire to explore Normandy kept me from the capital until my father came to visit in November, which is when I was properly romanced by the City of Light. When I landed in France, I had to proceed directly to…
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Capri – Sunshine & Coast Lines

Capri island

Day Trip to Capri Island – Italy People often ask me to name the most beautiful place I’ve been. It’s not an easy question, and I don’t think I could ever really answer it. What I can say it that Capri Island is unbelievably stunning. If Capri island was a person, it would not be the person that you liked for their personality, even if it had a great personality. Capri would be the person who’s beauty no one could dispute. When traveling on a tour of Italy with EF College break a few years ago, we spent a day exploring Capri…
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Summer Concert Tips

Up until two years ago, my concert experience consisted of College Hosted Events, tickets purchased to see All Time Low with my sister as a Christmas gift, and three Springsteen concerts. This summer, I’ve seen Dashboard Confessional & Third Eye Blind, Taylor Swift, and One Direction (for the second time). Both Dashboard and One Direction took place in Baltimore, and Taylor Swift was in D.C. While journeying to these venues from my central location in Maryland, I’ve learned a few useful summer concert tips and tricks. Pier Six Pavilion (Dashboard Confessional and Third Eye Blind) For this nostalgic show, two friends…
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The Majesty of a One Direction concert as an … Adult?

one direction

Being an adult at a One Direction concert is a confusing experience. Now 28 and 25, neither of us intended to become fans, and that journey is a story for another day. I don’t think anyone starts liking One Direction believing the love will be so real, but alas it is.  Combined, we’ve been to loads of concerts. Everything from small Punk Rock shows held in a hole in the wall, to Country shows held in giant fields, and nearly everything in between. Nothing is like a One Direction concert. Our journey to the stadium began at 5:00 pm. The…
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Natural Motion Sickness Remedies

Natural Motion Sickness Remedies for Travelers Motion sickness sucks, especially if you like to travel, and I think my motion sickness has grown stronger over time. Recent event #1 to support this: Having to leave and sit down while Laine and I were cleaning out the fish tank at work due to the excessive sloshing sounds. I felt moderately sea sick from the tiny sea represented in the fish tank. Ugh. Recent event #2: Someone at work was rocking in their chair and I had to ask them to stop due to feeling like death. This also reminded me of the…
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Budget Travel Spotlight on Porto, Portugal!

Hey budget traveler – here’s why your next stop should be Porto! I think it’s a misconception that Europe isn’t a budget travel destination. With all of the hype and price tags of London and Paris, we’re forgetting about the less photographed places with a lower price tag but just as much charm. For this spotlight, I’m talking about Porto.   I do think places like Paris can be traveled inexpensively, but when do so, you’re quite aware that you’re skirting the more in depth Parisian experience. I still have doubts as to whether London can be a  budget travel destination,…
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