2015 Rewind

2015 rewind

To kick off 2016 we thought it would be fitting to do a quick recap of our highlights from the last year.



This past year has been unique. I’ve had a pretty strange mix of highs and lows and plan to use this next year to iron out some of the struggles.When you’re in school, each year has such a distinct beginning and end (with a nice long holiday thrown in), and one of the strangest things about the “real world” is that time just floats by with no distinctive markers. So, this new year will be my marker. I’m not necessarily big on resolutions but it’s good to have set time lines so this year I’m setting some goals for myself. This past year I’ve been lucky to have some fun travel adventures.  I’m glad one of my oldest and closest friends and I have continued our girls’ trips around the world, and it was fun to travel with new travel mates as well. 

Below I’m listing out a sort of mash up of superlatives and random info to sum it all up.

number of flights : 16

countries visited : Ireland x 3, Spain, Peru, Portugal

best food : Lisbon – Solely for the custard pastries Pasteis de Belem which were perfect and pretty much what I ate the entire time.

worst food : Peru – I’m just not into eating guinea pig. Also a lot of the restaurants were moderately sketch when it comes to sanitation.

friendliest people : Galway & Porto

best deal : Porto & Madrid – both had super cheap food and accommodations

coolest thing I saw : Machu Picchu

most likely to go back to: Ireland – it’s usually the cheapest to fly in and out of when visiting Europe and also I LERV it.

best travel change made in 2015: I started using AirBNB – often ended up being cheaper than hostels and less out of control 16 year olds.

travel goal for 2016 : try a solo trip. I know a lot of people rave a bout solo travel and I’m not afraid for the safety of it, but more for the possibility that it would be extremely lonely. Also sketchy dudes.

I hope this next year hold a lot of really big changes. I’m reminding myself of the super obvious that if I keep doing the same thing nothing changes. I’m craving change.



I feel like this year flew by. Like Grace, I’ve made a handful of resolutions for the new year, but the overarching theme is accepting the present as my  “real life” and actively living it. I have a bad habit of living in my own head, constantly worrying about past expectations and putting things off for a more convenient “later” that doesn’t always happen. Maybe it’s because turning 26 took me past the point I can reasonably claim to be a young adult, but there will be no more of that, going forward. Last year, I traveled to and with family and friends, and got back to Europe after a three year drought.

number of flights: 12

countries visited: Ireland, and the USA (Puerto Rico, Florida, and Missouri)

best deal: The price of flights and convenience of wow air can’t be beat

best weather: Puerto Rico. It rained A LOT while I was there, but then I went to Ireland during the storm of the century.

worst place: I only saw the military base in Missouri (and only to and from the airport), but what I saw was a depressing and isolated architectural nightmare

most likely to go back: I go to Spring Training almost every year, so Florida is basically a given

travel goal for 2016: Finally get back to Paris!

I was home over the holidays visiting old friends, and when I was saying goodbye to one, his mother told me that she always likes even numbered years. I’m hoping she’s right, and good things are coming.


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