Peru : The Best & Worst in Pictures

Cusco, Peru

I wish when you googled pictures of places they were a little more all-encompassing. Sure, you can do a street view in some places, but I think the images should have to be a realistic representation of a visit. It’s hard to explain to people that yes, Ireland really is that pretty while also saying dear God I don’t recommend Naples unless you want to become a trash monster.  That’s because both locations yield google searches with tons of stunning pictures, but they definitely are not accurate for either.

It’s natural to want to crop the less desirable aspects out of a picture, but when Kelly and I were in Peru we decided we would try to capture both sides of the city – the beautiful historic buildings and stunning scenery, as well as the towering trash piles being ravaged by wild dogs.

Cities have highs and lows – some lows are lower than others (shout out to San Jose), but there’s usually a pretty wide mix of both. I’m going to try to do a recap of cities I visit contrasting the beautiful moments with the… well…not so beautiful ones. Knowing what to expect when you go somewhere is so much better, and well.. it’s nice to be a little more realistic about places. Paris isn’t perfect, nowhere is.

I’m going to kick things off with the lovely city of Cusco, Peru as it was a key player in my inspiration.

Peru is beautiful. Our tour took us around the city, and the views started with some beautiful countryside.

driving through Cusco, PeruPeru

…followed by the previously mentioned trash pile with wild dogs.

My lowest moment was seeing a dead dog in the street. Kelly and I both saw it (RIP) and it was really sad.

driving through Cusco, PeruPeru


Sometimes the vibe from one street to the next can be pretty different. One says quaint village, the other abandoned project.


The view overlooking the city is stunning. It’s one of my favorite city views ever. 

Cusco, Peru

Up close, not all of the houses hold the same charm…

driving through Cusco, Peru

I think Peru is one of the prettiest places in the world, but not every inch is perfect. 

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