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What’s Coming: Eastern Europe & Ireland


What’s Coming: Ireland & Eastern Europe This weekend I’m spending a fair bit of time preparing for my next trip. On Wednesday I head off to visit one familiar place and a bunch of new places. It was only when I started getting things together that it really hit me how little I know about some of these new places, and I’m feeling a bit guilty that I didn’t put more effort into finding out about local customs and conversational phrases. Starting it off: The first stop is Ireland, and though I’ll be landing in Dublin which is familiar, I’ll…
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Buying a House vs. Traveling: How to do Both


A little over two years ago I purchased my first home. But before I dipped my toe into the enraging enigma that is the housing market, I had a lot of hesitations. Mainly I didn’t want to sacrifice travel and adventure, or the possibility of it. The thought of just living in this house and doing nothing else until the end of time made me panicked, and if that was the only way to become a home owner I don’t think I would have. So, I started looking at it a different way – my sister was the one who…
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Gradually, then Suddenly. May 2016.


As long as April felt, May turned the tables a fluttered by… at least that’s what I’m assuming as I have very little memory of this time. While writing down the month that passed I had to check the calendar again to be sure that really was May that was already out the door. Not 100% sure I wasn’t drugged and missed part of that?! Also summer arrived. GRACE   With two new employees starting this month I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotion. Both of them are great, but it’s fairly overwhelming to try to teach a million…
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It Was the Best of Times; it Was the Worst of Times


With people often asking me the best and worst places for certain types of travel I’m kicking off my list of the best and worst travel destinations in a few different categories…offering advice and of course my personal successes and, well, less successful dabbles in these arenas. These will be bias based on the places I’ve been – so check out the travel map   Western Europe on a Budget – The Best : If you’re looking for a taste of Europe, but want to spend a modest amount of money on your travels you should absolutely be kicking it…
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Scrambling to Book… International Flight Frustrations!


Booking international flights has been something I’ve always felt like I had a handle on. Google Flights is my go-to for getting started, and I think I’ve gotten some pretty sweet deals in the past. I haven’t really understood the frustration first hand…until this past week. I decided to extend my Balkans adventure this summer with some solo travel in Ireland before the tour, and another jaunt to Ireland on the tail end with a friend. Flying in and out of Ireland is cheaper than to the tour start location in Hungary, even with connecting flights, and additional travel connections,…
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Work work work work… April 2016


April 2016 April has possibly felt like the longest month in the history of time and space. In March big changes at work were underway, and in April those changes were finalized. Flash back a few years when Laine applied as an administrative assistant, and Grace hired her. Over two years have since passed and we’ve worked directly together in administration. Now Laine will be taking a new job in the marketing department, and the change is bitter sweet, but mostly really exciting! The change was made more thrilling by the fact that Laine was offered the job before the…
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The Opposite of the Travel Bug…


…Also effectively known as my first trip abroad. For me, traveling abroad was not love at first site. Rather than starting off traveling with a bang, it was more of a dull fizzle. Now I love it, but back in the mists of time (aka 2007) my first trip abroad was hardly the magical journey opening my eyes to the wonders of the world that so many people rave about experiencing. I’m going to run through a few things I think I got wrong on my first time abroad and what I think would have made this experience much better! LONDON…
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Looking Forward… March 2016


  For us, March was a month that will quickly fade into the background and quite possibly be forgotten altogether. With spring on the horizon we’re looking forward to changes and making space for future plans. It seems as though March was the month looking forward. Grace: This month I booked a summer trip to the Balkans with my friend from work. I’m also going to be tacking on a few days at the beginning and end to dip my toe in the solo travel waters. Solo travel is something I hear a lot of good things about, but having…
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Volunteer Abroad : Sea Turtle Rescue – Costa Rica

Turtle Camp

It’s safe to say volunteering abroad was not at all what I was expecting. THE PLAN After returning home from teaching English in Spain, I fell back into the same ruts pretty quickly. Bartending, bored, searching for a real job, but unexcited by everything I found. I’d gotten pretty jazzed when I found a place you could volunteer with elephants in Sri Lanka, but the excitement was zapped when the price to live in a hut and shovel massive elephant poo was the cost of a used car. I’d been naïve in thinking volunteering would be free or next to it….
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The Russians are Coming


I’ve spent a fair bit of time convincing strangers I’m not Russian. When I was a teen the phenomenon started. I was on a lunch break from work and had stopped by Five Guys to get a massive cheese burger and escape from the asylum that was my office. When I got up to the counter ,a Latino guy said I could have free fries, because “foreigners need to stick together”. I squinted. He asked me about my accent, and about Russia. Sir – I’m quite literally 5 minutes from the town I’ve been living in my entire life. I…
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